Thursday, March 29, 2007


Here we go......

If you haven't read any Black Panther comics, you need to check it out....he is v. cool as a character who's been around forever. I like him because he's kinda like Batman, no superpowers just an amazing amount of training and a mind like a steel trap.

Un Lun Dun gets a definitive WOW!!!! The main concept is that there is an alternate universe where everything goes that has lost its usefulness....UnLondon (get it?) is the alternate of London and they are fighting Smog....not as a pollutant but as a creature (think too many varied chemicals combined have turned it into an aware huh?) These two girls have to fight it, and's just awesome! The book has some illustrations so it reminded me a little of Abarat (another awesome read, but v. strange).

Being by Kevin Brooks is another do not miss title......this kid goes to the hospital for a procedure (they think he has an ulcer) and the next thing he knows, he's strapped to a table, under sedation and doctors and unknown gov't agents are ready to dissect him.....calling him NOT human....
Who is he? What is he? What makes you human? Is it the composite parts? If parts of you are constructed (artificial limbs, hearts, etc) does this make you NOT human? Of course not, but how many parts are allowed? What if all of you were constructed? Hmmmmmm...
This book will definitely make you think....and be even more scared of random gov't agents.....

See ya next week with more!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

some new books just in!

Some really good books are coming in hot off the presses! Check out these new titles!

Cohn -- Cupcake This is the sequel to Gingerbread and Shrimp (ok, those are 2 separate titles for those who don't know) and this book is as awesome as the first 2. I love the main character's quirkiness, course I also love her name Cyd Charisse (she goes by C.C.), but most of all I love her cheerful character and the lack of self consciousness. I wish I could be like her so much! In this title C.C. has moved to NYC to supposedly start cooking school and move on with her life without Shrimp. Of course, she's not exactly a scholastic oriented chick and so other opportunities come up, and also a given is the unresolved love story of C.C. and Shrimp is finally resolved......or is it? C.C. has the biggest heart, always adopting people and bringing out the best in everyone. READ THIS BOOK...and if you haven't read the previous titles...READ THEM!

Brashares -- Forever in Blue is the last (I think anyway) Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants novel. It's got the girls dealing with college and life outside of their normal closeknit family environments. Can the pants pull off their miracle again or are the girls too old for the old magic? What happens to best friends when they all go off in different directions for college, life, love and the rest of what happens after high school? Brashares did a great job wrapping up a set of books that is just amazing (MUCH better than the movie, trust me!)

Don't forget to let me know what you're reading or to comment on the books I've listed.
I am really going to try and list stuff each week, but we'll see how that life at work and at home is just crazed!

See ya at the library.....Saleena

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