Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Some fun summer books

Hi everyone,

If you aren't using all of your time to finish summer school assignments, maybe you could make some time to read a few's what I've found thus far:

l8r g8r is the continuing saga of three friends begun in ttfn and ttyl. This title is as fun as the rest with the girls finishing out their senior year and looking forward to college and major life changes that come with it. Lots of fun, and a quick read!

Prom dates from hell is a ball, especially for anyone who loves Buffy the Vampire Slayer style heroines. The book begins about 3 weeks before the heroine's high school graduation, where she finds someone has found a way to punish or hurt a group of popular kids and plans to kill or maim most of those attending the senior prom as the finishing touch. She's got a touch of precognition and other gifts that she's ignored for too long, and now (of course) she needs them to defeat the big baddie....oh, and as a bonus she meets a really cute guy or two......I loved this book and am hoping there are more to come!

Blade of fire is the sequel to Cry of the Icemark. This time the main character is the son of Thirrin (main character of the previous volume) and the country is once more under attack. Can Charlemagne find allies and make a difference in the fight, even with his polio withered leg? I loved this book as much as the previous one (a rare treat to have a sequel stand up to the original). It's a long book, but very exciting and a fun fantasy adventure.

Finally we have 7 days at the hot corner......which was a fast, quick read about a boy who finds out that his long-time friend has just come out to his folks, and been kicked out of the house. His family takes his friend in, but he worries that he will be labeled gay, that he might have HIV from his years of contact, and how it will affect his baseball career in his high school. This is a good book with a main character who begins as a rather bigoted small minded sports fiend but who grows into a person of intelligence and character.......lots for everyone here, those who love sports or those who know someone (or are themselves) gay.

Happy reading!!

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