Thursday, July 28, 2011

This is my review (from the Garden State Teen Book Awards Phamplet) for Marcelo in the Real World by Francisco X Stork:
This book is probably one of the best stories I will ever read in my whole entire lifetime. After finding out that the narrator/main character had a type of autism, I expected the book to be about all his miseries and sorrows about his condition. Another sob story. Not. He had an unexpected (but realistic) outlook on life and questioned himself thoughtfully about his own behaviour throughout the story. What I loved the most about the book was how Marcelo overcame his internal conflict about whom he should help, his lovable father or a deprived girl with half of a face missing because of a faulty windshield. Over all, I think that people who like awesome stories with good plots and endings should read this book :)
~Deblina Mukherjee~

My book review (from the Garden State Teen Book Awards Phamplet) for The Reformed Vampire Support Group:

This book was part romance, part adventure, and part drama, which I liked a lot. It was not full of fluff like the other fictional "modern vampire" books I have read. Many readers will fall in love with this book (and the characters, plot, theme, setting, and almost everything else) once they start reading it. And just in case the reader of this review was wondering, there is supposedly a werewolf in this book because no vampire book is complete without a werewolf!!! I loved this book and so will all the future readers of this book... B-)
~Deblina Mukherjee~

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

This ARC, Dear Bully isn't due out for a few more months.....but I am so glad I got hold of it.  This is a simple format, authors send notes or letters to their bullies, or themselves as bullies.....yet it is extremely powerful to hear all the stories and even in snippets feel the pain that bullying causes and see the scars that do not always heal.  I will be purchasing this book and am hoping to do a program with it as well in Oct for Bullying awareness month. 

Incredible as it is to believe, Spies of the Mississippi is a factual book.  There actually was an arm of the government with a sole purpose of keeping integration from coming to their state.  It is a scary look at how far people will go to support their ideologies, even if they are incredibly damaging.  This should be required reading for ALL American History classes, and I highly recommend teachers read it and add some of the information to their lessons.......yes slavery and other events in American History were evil (Trail of Tears anyone?) but hiding them, or racing through them (yes I gave you the bare minimum now let's move onto something less guilt inducing) doesn't help.....everyone needs to understand how bad it was so that we can make sure we NEVER go there again!  Ignore the past at your peril......strong and intense reading but really really well written.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Review for Clara's War: One Girl's Story of SurvivalEven though I have read many books about the Holocaust, I have never read a book like this one ever before. In the middle of hiding Clara's family and the others seemed more realistic than any other characters in fictional stories about the Holocaust I have ever read about. The book never exaggerated their discomfort, but just gave a blunt description, which seemed to catch my attention more and was much more effective. Over all, I loved the book and the only part I hated was when Clara's sister died while trying to escape the fire. Realizing that she was so close to freedom was heart-wrenching for me, but I am glad that everyone else survived. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone.
~Deblina Mukherjee

Saturday, July 02, 2011

I have been a fan of Alex Sanchez since his first novel.....and I am sooooo happy to be able to read another of his titles!  This time he has chosen to approach the sadly misrepresented issue of bisexuality.  Mr Sanchez deals with the subject with a very light touch and with enough info given to satisfy yet with enough vagueness to allow each person to find their own favorite line is from Kimiko who, when asked "do you think I'm a bisexual" replies" Only you would know".......Perfect answer for anyone who has every questioned their sexuality!  Now to the story synopsis......4 friends, Kimiko and Sergio are besties, and Sergio identifies as bi, while Kimiko as a butch lesbian (likes dressing as a boy, but doesn't want to BE a boy).  Lance and Allie are also best friends, and Lance identifies as gay while Allie who never questioned her straightness, is now wondering if she is bi or gay due to her attraction to Kimiko.  The entire story revolves around the two couples as they interact, date and generally try to figure themselves and their relationships out.  Sanchez has also included the role of families in the novel, by having each teen's family dealing with their sexuality in differing ways, and some of the teens still in the closet about themselves.  All in all, this was an engaging and quick read, all about relationships and being a teen trying to figure out who you are.

Dawn is a girl who's trying NOT to think about certain things, though of course, once you decide not to think about something, it's all you think about........and the reader will know her secret long before Dawn is willing to discuss it.  I enjoyed this novel, but thought some parts of it were too.....I guess convenient is a good word.  For instance, Dawn's father left $200, 000 behind when he disappeared, and they have only used about $20,000 of it in two years.  With her mom on disability and all the gadgets etc, it seems like they should've gone through more of it.......and the question of whether or not they keep the money was kind of left open (or if it wasn't I missed it).......I also think the ending was a bit too pat.......while I personally like a convenient ending, everything tied up in a bow, as a reader I find myself discontent with it and feeling like it's unrealistic.  So, read it for yourself and see what you think.....

My Boyfriend is a Monster v 1, is a fun zombie romp of a novel.  This is a very fast read, not much new, but also not completely horrific, so perfect for those not into "realistic" horror graphic novels......FUN!

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