Thursday, October 24, 2013


John Lewis, civil rights leader and much more has decided to put his life story into a graphic novel format......this is important to him because he said reading the story of Martin Luther King in a comic in 1968 made a huge difference in his life and in understanding the civil rights movement.  Now he wants to make that same impact on someone else's life through these books......I must say, it is a compelling story and very well illustrated.  This is a book you and everyone should read.

Peculiar is, well, a bit peculiar itself.  It's an interesting magical adventure set in an alternate world where the door to the Fey opened and then stranded many of them here when it closed.  The two main characters are so different, it really makes for a fascinating journey watching them alone and seeing how they meet and how they change each other.  Arthur is a member of Parliament, but quite determined to stay out of anything important; very content with his "nowhere" life....until he accidentally stumbles on information on another member killing children.  Bartholomew is a changeling (mother human, father faery) who sees a changeling captured and stumbles into the whole murderous scheme; ending up a target himself.   This story moves quickly and has a lot of was interesting and fun......give it a go!

I have been meaning to read Mandela's autobiography for years...and I feel a sense of accomplishment for finally doing it.....=)   He definitely led an interesting life and I am so glad I made time to read this......if you don't know who he is, google it....then read this's not short, but it's well worth the effort.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Battle Magic is the continuation of the "Circle" this one Briar and his protege are caught up in a war.....and he needs to figure out how to save her and the kingdom from the emperor.   As is typical of Tamora Pierce, there is nonstop action....and lots of intrigue......if you love her Tortall books, you will adore this one (and I love Briar anyway....he's one of my fav characters)

Gulledge explores a shy artist and the process of coming out of her shell in this graphic novel.  I really like Paige, and her felt like a journal of someone I should know......=)

Sadly, I just couldn't get into this was just blah......maybe you should try it and see what you think.....ttfn


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