Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Coldtowns are essentially areas of cities that have been blocked off and left to the see vampires have been discovered to be real; and turning "cold" means you have acquired the vampire hunger and virus; but until you drink human blood, you aren't really a vampire....but you are dangerous as all you think about is killing humans and drinking their blood.  These coldtowns were created to contain the problem; but unforunately, vampires just look cool....and the weblinks of their parties aren't helping.  Tara knows for a fact that vampires are dangerous.  She has a scar from where her mother tried to kill her.  She has internal scars too, but no one pays any attention to them.  Then the party seemed like a normal teen party....but someone opened a window; and a vampire (or two or three) got Tara passes out from drinking and wakes up to a house full of corpses.  She finds only two others in the house, a vampire who says he'll help her; and an ex-boyfriend who has been infected.  Tara rescues both of them, and they are off to Coldtown......and what happens from there, well, it's just wow.....
Holly Black has created a nonstop adventure; capturing our fascination with vampires as well as some of the gruesomeness of their society.  Tara is just the perfect protagonist; and I feel like she's someone I'd love to hang out with.....or maybe I just feel like she's a lot like me....who knows?  Regardless, this isn't a brand new book, but it only came out last if you haven't tried it.....please, go get it right now!  Really, it's that good.

Hunger is the beginning of a series Kessler started all starring teens as various riders of the apocalypse....yeah, you know, harbingers of death, etc, etc.....I grabbed this one as it had been one I'd meant to read for awhile.   Lisabeth is in denial that she's anorexic...but the reader will know it right away.  She thinks it's a delusion when she is told that she will be Famine; but it turns out that it isn't.  As Famine she can starve things or feed them, depending on what she herself imbibes.....and asking her to eat or drink in large amounts is definitely a problem.   I loved how Kessler incorporated the issues of anorexia with the supernatural embodiment of Famine....I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

Perry's Killer Playlist is the sequel to Crazy European Chick; and gives the reader just as crazy of a ride as its predecessor.  This time Inchworm is given a European tour; and Perry decides to just pop in and check if Gobi is around at a bar they mentioned they might meet up in......and when she is.....all hell breaks loose.

This is a nonstop thrill ride and I can't believe neither have been optioned for movies....but it's ok, the movie I saw in my head was AMAZING!

I can't say too much or I'll give away everything, but go read both's worth it, and they are VERY fast reads.

Croak is another one that I had been wanting to read.....and it was definitely worth checking out.  Lex has major anger issues so she's sent upstate to live with her uncle for the this is supposed to help, she has NO idea.  When she arrives, she finds that Croak, the town he lives in, is actually a dimensional portal; and that her anger issues are caused by her gift...she is a Reaper.....(they call them Grimms) and much to her surprise, she's really good at it.  Then people begin to die mysteriously....can Lex figure out what is going on and stop it?
I cannot wait to read the next one!

Ann Brashares is best known for her Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series.  This is her first science fiction novel.  It's a time travel adventure, and the main idea is that a group of travelers came back from a horrible future trying to stop that future from ever becoming. But t they seem more afraid to do anything at all due to the worries of paradoxes....and then Prenna begins to do the unthinkable...she starts to fall for Ethan....what happens then just might change everything.....
I enjoyed this, it was a bit of a slow starter but it was a pretty good read.  The paradoxical time travel issues were the most interesting aspect to me.....I wasn't feeling the romance; but then, I am an old lady...and jaded from one too many romance, give it a try and see what you think.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


I really enjoyed this book.  It was sweet and fun with a lot of character.  Perfect for middle school readers....basically Abby has always known that her father was Indian and had returned to Mumbai before she was born; but she's never met him and has always wondered about the lack of contact.  When she has a severe allergic reaction to coconut on day, questions compound and Abby's mother admits that her father never really contacted her back or acknowledged her existence.  Abby is determined to find out why and then stumbles on to the fact that her father might indeed be a Bollywood superstar.....what happens from there is a fun ride (with some real emotions).....definitely a quick, fun read.

In the fourth book of the Virals series, Reichs is beginning to explore whether or not there might be continuing consequences to the genetic "gifts" the Virals have....and of course, there is a mystery to solve and enemies hiding everywhere.   This continues to be a fun read, grab it for a quick adventurous ride.

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