Saturday, February 17, 2018

Book Review of Fairy Bad Day by Amanda Ashby By Ravjit Kaur

Book Review of Fairy Bad Day by Amanda Ashby By Ravjit Kaur 

If you like fantasy, adventure, and a little bit of romance, then this is the book for you! Emma Jones has her future all planned out. She’s going to become a dragon-slayer, just like her mother, and spend her life tracking and hunting them. Her affinity for killing dragons presented itself early on, so she knows Principal Kessler will be giving her the single dragon-slayer designation. That is, until Curtis Green walks out of the principal’s office with Emma’s assignment, and she gets assigned fairies. Now, she’s spending her days at the mall trying to capture the small, annoying creatures, while Curtis is out slaying dragons. Then, they get paired together for an assignment, and she has to show him how to hunt things that she herself doesn’t even know how to hunt. One day, when on assignment, she sees a dark, evil figure lurking on the grounds of Buttonwood, her school. After a brief interaction with it, which leaves her with some scrapes and bruises and the realization that only she can see it, she and Curtis set out on a mission to find out what it is, and bring it down before it hurts anyone else. With the help of her friends, the annoying fairies, her family, and her mother’s old books, Emma sets out to track this thing down. With some shocking twists and turns along the way, and some crazy new revelations, will she be able to get rid of this creature once and for all? Or will she fail like her mother, and lose all the people she loves as a result? Read the book to find out! I really liked the plot of this books, and the small details really added to the story and brought it all together. It is very exciting to read, and has lots of plot twists that keep you on your feet! Rating: 7.5/10

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