Monday, August 14, 2006



Let's see what am I reading....well, I've been reading loads of graphic novels plus some other books......I'm in the middle of the Book Thief which is good but a very tough read (holocaust Germany never being fun) so I take a break and read something else......Beast of Noor was pretty good, very good fantasy/suspense/horror's about a kid whose family is said to have brought about the curse of the Beast which attacks people in the forest on the full moon (3 guesses what kind of creature it is and the first two don't count). The boy tries to break the curse but in stealing the information inadvertantly makes it worse, while his sister is only interested in saving her brother. He ends up in trouble in faery and she has to follow and save him.......if she can.

Graphic novels I've read recently are the new Alichino, Instant Teen (pretty cheesy but fun) and some of the adult titles (not for the faint of heart...but there's some really cool stuff over there if your parents don't mind you reading about sex and violence...Luckily I AM the parent and thus gave myself permission.....very handy that LOL :-)

Most of the really cool stuff is still in the back...we're short staffed to the max, but I'm working on it. If there's stuff you think I should read, definitely let me know.......maybe if there's enough call for it I could try and get an IM type conversation going so we could sit on x night and discuss y books......just a thought......see ya in the stacks!

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