Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sword of truth

We're starting something new, our TSF group (or other interested parties) will be sending posts to me and I'll get them up.....Let's see what you're reading!

This one is from Jay Chen (gr.12)
The Sword of Truth series is the best fantasy series ever. A New York Times bestseller, this series is about the main character Richard and his love Kahlan who travel across a fantasy world together, finding adventure, enemies, friends, and etc along the way. There are magic, mystical creatures, and military conflicts in the book. I will get to the 10 individual books later. Currently, the author Terry Goodkind is still writing more but he will probably stop after a few more books to end the series. He does a good job creating excitement and suspense we need be. Everything is abstract but logical, an uncommon combination in many books these days. That's what separates him from other fantasy/science fiction writers.

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