Saturday, November 18, 2006

new books thanksgiving 2006

Sorry about the long lag....the theory was that loads of teens would be submitting items for the blog, but like a lot of theories, this one didn't it's back to you listening to what I'm reading.......

However, if anyone feels like emailing or dropping off some reviews or comments or whatever on books they've read please feel free!

Ok since it's been so long, I'll do a bunch.......then I'll attempt to remember to bring in some more titles after thanksgiving......ready? Here goes!

Between Mom and Jo is an awesome book about a guy with two moms. Unfortunately his non-birth mother never did anything legal about custody so when they separate he has to stay with his birth mother......and they don't get along very well. In fact they don't understand each other at all and now he's all alone and not allowed to see his other mom. He's just supposed to forget about her....but how do you forget about someone who's been a part of your life for 15 years?
This book will make you think (and cry) but it is so worth it.

Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist is a Very Hot (muy caliente) love story. Nick is a bass player in a band and when he sees his ex at a club, he is desperate to not seem so well, needy and he casually asks a girl standing near him (Norah) if she would mind being his girlfriend for the next 5 minutes. And it goes from there......the book is written from both points of view and the whole story takes place over the course of one it's very intense, very believable and WOW!!! Definitely NOT for Middle School!

Trollbridge is an adaptation of the three billy goats gruff. There is a dairy princess contest every year with 12 winners and every year they get a likeness of themselves out of butter that gets placed on a bridge to melt away and disappear. No one knows why and this year they aren't doing it because of environmental complaints and concerns. Then out of nowhere at a photo shoot with the dairy princesses a troll appears and takes them away.....and all but one are bespelled into unconsciousness. She has to try and save them with the help of 3 boys (members of a pop band that are world famous) that she doesn't know. This is a fun story for all ages.

The Named & The Riddle are parts one and two of a fantastic fantasy series. I don't know for sure how far they are going in number, but if you like fantasy adventures give this one a try. The main character starts off as a slave. She escapes with the help of a wandering bard and is trained as a bard (bards in this world being very magical and knowledgeable....sort of musical druids). Turns out she's part of a prophecy and she has to save the world......I know, you're thinking "I've read this a hundred times before" but trust me, this isn't another version of Tolkien or HP. It's a very well written (but very long...) fantasy tale that if you give it a chance will capture your imagination.

Koyal Dark, Mango Sweet is the story of a girl in India who is trying to figure out her place in the world. She's a rather dark complexion and has been told how unattractive it makes her. She's just met a new girl in school who doesn't seem to hold the same viewpoints she's been raised with.....and it's making her rethink everything. Could she be pretty? Is there more for her to look forward to then getting married and having babies? This was a very well written realistic story with characters who feel like friends. I didn't want the story to end, and I'm still wanting to see what's happened since I finished it.......does anyone have the phone number for fav fictional characters?

Finally, just so I don't leave anyone out.....some comics and/or manga......we got a new title in called Life which is the story of a young high school girl who is going through some rough patches and surviving them by cutting. It really is very realistic, not cutesy cartoony characters, so if you like a little realism in your manga try it!

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