Wednesday, January 31, 2007

wow look! more books!

Hi it's me again, sitting down all by my lonesome and talking books. This is definitely more fun in person. Hopefully though there's at least one person out there reading this and trying out the books. Feel free to comment or add your own posts!

Ok, Gender Blender is a funny book about a boy and a girl who are doing the typical middle school thing of "I hate him/her.....or do I?" The thing is that both of them are making assumptions about the other, and then they literally knock heads together and trade bodies. I know lots of people who would love to see what it's like to be (not just look like but actually BE) the opposite sex, and in this book it happens. It is so funny seeing their reactions to events, but it's also a wake up call about not making judgements until you really know someone. A fast fun read!

Last Days is the sequel to Peeps although you can read it alone, Don't! Go now and READ IT! Last Days is a rocking continuation of the story of how vampires are taking over NYC and the world and why. It's literally a rocking story because the main characters are all in a rock band together. I can't say much more or I'll totally give away the story, but you have to read this! It's got action, romance, suspense, and the whole end of the world sf view........something for everyone!

The Murder of Bindy Mackenzie was a lot deeper than I thought it would be based on the cover (see librarians sometimes make those judgements too!) but it was actually pretty good. Bindy is a girl who is really smart bookwise, and very earnest but with no idea how to connect with her fellow students. The school decides to start a new class using group dynamics to try and help the students better understand each other, and Bindy makes them all angry with her in no time flat. Bindy's life is a mess, and someone just might be trying to kill her.....but who? And who would help her now that everyone thinks she's an egotistical prat?

Death Note is a manga about a teen who finds a notebook with magical powers. It kills anyone whose name you write in it. He decides to use it as a tool to clean up the world. Now he needs to stay one step ahead of the cops as they try to solve the puzzle of who he is.........oh, and the original owner of the death book is a demon who is sticking around to watch the entertainment.....a very dark book to say the least but once you start reading it you're hooked!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

more new january titles

Hiya folks,

We've gotten in a decent number of various new titles, so please don't forget to check out the "New Books" folder for the complete list....these are just the ones I feel like talking least right now. If you've read something awesome (or awful) don't forget that I'd love to add your views to the blog anytime, so you can either comment or send me an email ( or drop me a line with your comments or book review on it & I'll add it pdq

Here's what I've got for ya this time:

Doppelganger is a sorta horror/suspense book about a creature who is a doppelganger....which for those who don't know means an exact duplicate of a person. For purposes of the story it means a creature who must kill humans & take on their identity for a time in order to survive. The problem is that this particular doppelganger doesn't like killing.....and when he is pushed and takes over this jock's identity (he was being beat at the time) he reluctantly starts to live his life. He finds that some humans live lives much more horrific & terrible than any monster on tv....and that's this kid's life....abuse, neglect & more. Can this creature improve the horrific life of this high school football star? Can he find a way to survive without more killing? Awesome read, try it if you like fantastical horror.

The Sleeper Code is pure suspense drama & a very fast read. This guy (can you tell I'm bad at names?) has a form of narcolepsy (which is when you fall asleep uncontrollably....think epilepsy but w/o fits) and he's been trying to live his life as best he can within the parameters of his problem. But one night his next door neighbor sees him leaving the house when he's supposedly out cold in his bed.....and he keeps having these dreams about being a deadly assassin.....what's happening? Then one night he inadvertantly triggers a post-hypnotic suggestion that begins to clarify his situation.....and what a mess it is! This is a fun roller coaster ride of a book, and first in a series....we are SO getting more of these asap!

Parent Swap is a funny story about a kid in England whose parents are divorced. But it gets better, his mother isn't paying attention (too busy building a new career) and his father won't leave the house since the divorce (basically having a mental breakdown). So when he finds an add inside his backpack advertising the chance to change parents he decides to go for it. Then he starts to notice some strange the van that keeps showing up wherever he is....and that people are acting funny whenever he's around.....could this whole thing be an elaborate hoax? or even worse.....could it be a reality tv show? I loved this book because the main character is so smart and the adults totally under estimate him (which never happens in real life right?) but more than anything all the crazy people he meets make him really appreciate his family and what he can do to make things better.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Jan week one

Hey lookee there, I'm doing a new posting in less than 4 weeks....yeehaw! (ok, my inner hick is showing, I'll stop...)

Anyway here's a few titles hot off the presses (ok, the technical services departments, buy why nitpick?)

American Born Chinese is a graphic novel about what it was like for the author to grow up as, well, an american born chinese person. He does a great job of telling the story, interspersing the narrative with semi-comedic sidebars which highlight common prejudices he faced or stereotypes he fought against. He does this without sounding preachy, just sorta like a visual diary. Very cool, check it out!

Gilda Joyce: The Ladies of the Lake is the second adventure of Gilda Joyce psychic detective. She is pursuing the possibility of a school being haunted, and is determined to find out why & how the ghost got there. Gilda is a funny character, very earnest and determined, and a bit quirky but she always figures out her mystery. So if you like mystery stories or just enjoy a fun read try both Gilda Joyce adventures.

Finally a nice romantic book, Scrambled Eggs at Midnight. The girl is someone who refuses to get attached to anyone or anything as her mother is constantly moving....until she meets the boy whose father is a religious diet guru who runs his family like a business. How the two of them meet, fall in love and find a way to make it work in spite of all the craziness is a great's wonderful for those who are experiencing burnout from too many tests .....just a fun read. The story is told from both points of view (which is one of my fav writing styles) so it really connects and feels real. Try it, put a little fluff into your'll do you good!


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