Friday, May 18, 2007

Books, books and more books! 5/18/07

Ok, I've been reading a LOT of manga and graphic novels lately, which means we're starting to get more in (it kind of goes in waves depending on the money I have and how I need to spend it). So make sure you check out our Graphic novel areas in the teen and adult areas (btw Adult doesn't always mean nudity or whatever, sometimes it just means subjects that adults might read for fun, but that you guys don't biographical books that seem to sit on the shelf in YA but adults eat it up like candy).

Ok, if you haven't discovered Happy Bunny (and I'm sure you have, I've seen the shirts) you need to read the new books we got recently.....and even if you have, still grab them because they are FUNNY!!!!

Still Angry Little Girls is also funny, but a little more subtle. Also a comic btw.....

A couple that aren't comics are:

Lady Friday, the new book in the Keys to the Kingdom series by Garth Nix and it SO rocked!
If you haven't looked at these books, you are missing the coolest, most intense series ever (think 24 but instead of 24 hours, it's 7 days). Needless to say, Lady Friday wants to kill poor Arthur (everyone else does, so why miss out?) and of course the book ends on a cliffhanger.......and of course I'm like dying to get inside Nix's head to see what's coming for Saturday and Sunday (arghhhh!) but I'll live ......somehow.........

Lastly was a fun girlie read called Dancing in Red Shoes will Kill You. It's about a girl who's at a school of the arts in Fla. She's a ballerina who can't get a leading role, not because she's bad at dancing (because she's always told how talented she is) but because she has a chest size of DD and that's just not acceptable in the world of ballet (one must be skinny, thin and small chested it's the LAW!) So she has to look at her life and her world and decide whether or not to get breast reduction surgery to conform to the ideal or to find a way to do ballet with the body she's got. Very fun, little bit of romance, and a quick read to boot!

That's all for now......see ya at the library......

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Hey how are ya?

Here I am again talking about some of the titles I've read......

An older title (for HS or older) from Christopher Moore called You Suck, a love story. It's really funny but it's in the adult fiction section. It's a vampire love story for anyone who's interested.

Dairy Queen by Murdock is an amazing book! It's about a girl who's been taking care of her family's farm who ends up coaching a football hottie from a rival High School (she has 3 brothers and a football obsessed father, so she KNOWS football and what's needed for training). Along the way she learns a lot about herself and her friends.......and she decides to go out for the football team herself. That decision really rocks her tiny Midwestern it and see what happens, the sequel is coming out soon, so I'll keep you posted.

Freaks by Klause is a book with a very creepy cover, so I expected a horror novel. It's not what I thought, but still very good. The main character has grown up in a "freak" show atmosphere but is unhappy with his life since he's a "normal" so he decides to strike out on his own. He runs into a man who has been kidnapping and/or tricking people into his show. So the lead character decides to try to rescue them and save them from a life of exploitation. It's an interesting and suspenseful story based on facts from circus and freak shows of the early 19th century.

Can't remember if I did discuss Devilish by Johnson or not, but try it! It's a funny story about a girl who has to try to save her friend after she makes a deal with the devil.


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