Saturday, June 23, 2007

summer is here!!!

Hi guys,

Ok, summer's here and it's time to come to the library and join in some of our very cool programs! Also, this year, preference will be given to people who have joined the summer reading program so why not do both? I and your fellow teens have worked really hard (thus the lack of recent posts) to put together these programs and the prizes for the 2007 summer reading program, so give it a try.....what have you got to lose?

Oh, and if everyone who joins, turns in slips proving they have read over 8000 hours this summer (before Aug 25) I have promised to dye my hair blue (sort of a bonus for you to see me looking even sillier than usual).....that is of course IF you read and manage to beat the I'm not buying the hair dye until I see the hours. If you like, there is a chart posted in the teen reading room to track how close you're let's see what you're made of, eh?

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