Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Hey guys and gals.....here we go with this batch!

Sold....a quick but definitely NOT fun read! The book is about a girl who thinks she's going away to become a maid to help her family but in reality she is sold to a brothel.......at age 13......very poignant and telling story in free verse about a very real problem that exists even today.

Spanking Shakespeare......a very very funny story about a high school senior who is writing his memoir (a required senior project) and the stories of his family will absolutely crack you up (My fav is how his granny took him to a porno movie). This is probably best suited to the high school crowd, because they'll understand stressing about college, sex and other stuff.

Ironside.......another book in a series by Black (can't remember her first name sorry....) about fairies and thier interaction with humans.......this one ties together her first two, so if you haven't read them in awhile, you might want to reread them or risk feeling lost sometimes (unless of course you have a spectacular memory like me.....lol) A great story, lots of action and suspense about a changeling child who doesn't know where she belongs and also somewhat of a love story because she's in love with the new king of the unseelie court (I know I spelled that wrong but it's not in the spell check...sigh...) and she's a common fey.......and the impossible quest she must fulfill to win his hand. Awesome!

Snakehead.....the newest Alex Rider adventure and trust me it lives up to the others and then some.....this time Alex is up against a sinister gang in Asia (he bounces around a few countries) and recruited by the Australian Secret Service. He's trying to find out more about his parents from the godfather he never knew he had......and stay alive to save the world from another catastrophe planned by Scorpia........another slamdunk roller coaster ride from Horowitz!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jan 16, 2008

Ok, here I go keeping my part of the bargain....two more books to think about for you....

Skulduggery Pleasant is a phenomenally fun read. The main character is a skeleton who is also a detective, and a young woman (age 12) who finds out about the magical part of life when her beloved uncle dies and strange people start coming out of the woodwork to kill her for "the key". What this key is, who these people are and who is Skulduggery really.....all these questions and more will be answered by reading this awesome book.

Dragonhaven is a scifi adventure that sounds like it should be fantasy (all dragon books are aren't they?) The main idea is that dragons really do exist and have been found, albeit as they are being exterminated for their extraordinary powers or just because they're huge. The main character lives on a dragon sanctuary established ages ago, and he stumbles into committing the biggest crime ever ........he finds a poacher who has just killed a momma dragon (who came down to give birth) and though the dragon killed the poacher, her babies seem to be all dead (dragons according to the tale keep their babies in pouches like kangaroos)....then one of them moves and he decides without thinking to save it...creating a pouch of his shirt and keeping it fed on broth and such. The problem is that while its a crime to poach and kill dragons due to their endangered status, it is equally criminal to interfere in "the laws of nature" and save one. So he has to find a way to raise the dragon, hide it from authorities all the while having no clue exactly what to expect because no one has ever seen a baby dragon before. It's an exciting tale and the main character is so believable that it seems that you should be able to find the sanctuary and talk to him.......I really wish I could......

That's it for now.....what've you been reading.......any comments?


Friday, January 11, 2008

Jan 11 2008

Ok, here's the deal.....been forgetting to put out book info for all of you readers out there...and for that I apologize. I am hereby putting it on my agenda to try (really really hard) to get at least 2 books in every week so there will always be something new to look at (even if there's nothing new coming in for whatever reason)

With that in mind here are 4 books right now and if I have more time I'll do more on Sat or definitely by the end of next week for a couple more........apology accepted? Good .......I hereby promise to be a better blogger for all of you, whilst at the same time encouraging all of you to send me what you're reading for me to add to the posts.

Freak Show is a really amazing, very strange book about a boy who is forced to move in with his father in the conservative state of FL after living out and proud in Connectictut for most of his life. Billy is not only gay, but he is a transvestite (which means he enjoys wearing women's clothing) and is definitely NOT having an easy time in his very WASPy new private school. I can't really get into too much more detail, but Billy (who can be a bit whiny and over the top annoying) feels like such a real person and the story feels more like a slice of life diary than a fiction story. If you don't mind alternative characters and a meandering storyline......you will absolutely love this book.......I did anyway =)

Next title is Middle School is Worse Than Meatloaf and it is the perfect story for anyone who doesn't have loads of time to read, or doesn't like to read (are there people like that....lol) or someone who loves books in alternative formats (like me). It's the story of a girl who is struggling with normal everyday issues, new stepdad, brother with issues and normal "I wanna fit it" complex we all have dealt with....the coolest part is that the whole book is told via letters, notes, emails, bills, and assorted other items in full color spread all over the place. For instance, she wants to do something with her hair, so you see a bottle of color and a bill for it, then above it you see $x for corrective color at a hair salon....so without her ever saying (I turned my hair pink by mistake) you get the idea. Give it a try!

For graphic novel lovers we have Dead High Yearbook which is a series of stories about a group of characters and how they died, with the premise that each day/month/week? group of people who die in mysterious circumstances (think goosebumps or twilight zone) have to do a yearbook together to tell their stories for posterity. It is a pretty cool idea and an interesting creepy kinda book.

Finally we have Here There Be Dragons, a tale set in early 1900s (WWI) and a cast of characters who have to save the imaginary world in order to save the real one. They set off meeting fictional characters everyone (it's kinda fun to see if you recognize them all) and try to stop the bad guy....yeah it's a classic fantasy premise, so I thought it'd be totally formula but it was surprisingly well written and I loved finding out who the main characters were at the end (hint: they are famous themselves....nuff said).

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