Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Hey guys and gals.....here we go with this batch!

Sold....a quick but definitely NOT fun read! The book is about a girl who thinks she's going away to become a maid to help her family but in reality she is sold to a brothel.......at age 13......very poignant and telling story in free verse about a very real problem that exists even today.

Spanking Shakespeare......a very very funny story about a high school senior who is writing his memoir (a required senior project) and the stories of his family will absolutely crack you up (My fav is how his granny took him to a porno movie). This is probably best suited to the high school crowd, because they'll understand stressing about college, sex and other stuff.

Ironside.......another book in a series by Black (can't remember her first name sorry....) about fairies and thier interaction with humans.......this one ties together her first two, so if you haven't read them in awhile, you might want to reread them or risk feeling lost sometimes (unless of course you have a spectacular memory like me.....lol) A great story, lots of action and suspense about a changeling child who doesn't know where she belongs and also somewhat of a love story because she's in love with the new king of the unseelie court (I know I spelled that wrong but it's not in the spell check...sigh...) and she's a common fey.......and the impossible quest she must fulfill to win his hand. Awesome!

Snakehead.....the newest Alex Rider adventure and trust me it lives up to the others and then some.....this time Alex is up against a sinister gang in Asia (he bounces around a few countries) and recruited by the Australian Secret Service. He's trying to find out more about his parents from the godfather he never knew he had......and stay alive to save the world from another catastrophe planned by Scorpia........another slamdunk roller coaster ride from Horowitz!

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