Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jan 16, 2008

Ok, here I go keeping my part of the bargain....two more books to think about for you....

Skulduggery Pleasant is a phenomenally fun read. The main character is a skeleton who is also a detective, and a young woman (age 12) who finds out about the magical part of life when her beloved uncle dies and strange people start coming out of the woodwork to kill her for "the key". What this key is, who these people are and who is Skulduggery really.....all these questions and more will be answered by reading this awesome book.

Dragonhaven is a scifi adventure that sounds like it should be fantasy (all dragon books are aren't they?) The main idea is that dragons really do exist and have been found, albeit as they are being exterminated for their extraordinary powers or just because they're huge. The main character lives on a dragon sanctuary established ages ago, and he stumbles into committing the biggest crime ever ........he finds a poacher who has just killed a momma dragon (who came down to give birth) and though the dragon killed the poacher, her babies seem to be all dead (dragons according to the tale keep their babies in pouches like kangaroos)....then one of them moves and he decides without thinking to save it...creating a pouch of his shirt and keeping it fed on broth and such. The problem is that while its a crime to poach and kill dragons due to their endangered status, it is equally criminal to interfere in "the laws of nature" and save one. So he has to find a way to raise the dragon, hide it from authorities all the while having no clue exactly what to expect because no one has ever seen a baby dragon before. It's an exciting tale and the main character is so believable that it seems that you should be able to find the sanctuary and talk to him.......I really wish I could......

That's it for now.....what've you been reading.......any comments?


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