Saturday, February 16, 2008

books 2nd week of Feb.

Here's this weeks list for ya....some are hard to read but good nonetheless.....fiction just like history and life aren't always comfortable ya know?

Copper Sun by Draper is the story of a 15 year old girl living happily in Africa who is captured by slavers. Draper captures the essence of a strong girl fighting to keep a piece of herself in untenable circumstances.......and who has manages to keep her spirit and hope alive in spite of everything. I was ready for this to be a depressing read, but it wasn't .......not a happy book it's true, but the main character's strength and spirit are the book's is the relationship between the slave and the bonded servant girl. You won't be able to put this book down.

Going with the Africa theme the other book is an oldie but goodie....Listening for Lions by Whelan. A young girl who's parents are missionaries on the continent of Africa is left orphaned by an epidemic. A neighbor decides to send her to England to impersonate their daughter who also died in order to assure their inheritance. Can she pretend to be someone else? How long can she pretend to be a "proper English girl" when all she really wants is to go back to Africa and hear the lions and feel the sun? I actually listened to this on audio...and it's wonderful with all the language and accents....but I would imagine even the print version is worth looking at.

Crazy busy week.....ttyl and keep reading!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


In honor of Black History month, I will highlight African American authors or authors writing about African Americans (and maybe a new title or two thrown in for good measure)......this is a slow week, (but intense on the planning end) so I will talk about 3 books that I enjoyed.

Emako Blue by Brenda Woods is the story of a wonderful girl, named Emako Blue. The story of who she is told completely by others who knew her as well as the events following her tragic death in a shooting. This was an emotional and affecting story but it felt powerful and angry instead of sad and depressing. If you like realistic stories, this is one for you baby....

Twists and Turns by Janet McDonald: Janet McDonald is an amazing author and this title is a great read. It's about two sisters who decide to open a neighborhood hair salon. Do they have a chance? Of course, everyone least on the books.....but when you're getting by on a shoestring in the inner city and want to start your own business .....well, let's just say it ain't easy. The characters in this story just jump out of the book and live with you awhile....wonderful.

Autobiography of My Dead Brother by Walter Dean Myers: Everyone has probably read at least one book of Mr Myers at some point....and if you have, chances are (unless an English teacher ruined it) you loved it and became an instant fan as I did. The title of this book sounded so down and sad that I was hesitant to read it, but the artwork in it compelled me to try (art was done by Walter's son Christopher) and boy was it worth it. Told in first person this story is just the life of Jesse as he tries to make sense of his world.....brothers dying, gangs, drugs ....and where does he fit in with his art? What makes a man? How do you go on when you're friends die? If you enjoy reading an author who's characters feel like people you know...or should know...try anything by Myers, but especially this one. The art made it really feel personal like a journal.

Tell me your thoughts.....what you're reading ......what you're not and why....c'mon join in the conversation!


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