Saturday, March 15, 2008


Sorry it's been awhile....getting the Celebration of Art and Diversity Program took more out of me then I thought it would and EVERYTHING ended up on the's a few titles I've read lately that I've enjoyed:

Am I Right or Am I Right? Calma is a smart alecky snarky voiced protagonist who from the start says she's an unreliable narrator...and boy is that true....but somehow in spite of her prickly nature you like her and feel her when she goes to a high end hair salon before a date and ends up with a HORRIBLE hair cut....what does she do? She shaves her head, as part of a "hair for leukemia" project (get pledges, shave head sort of thing) and goes on the date anyway. I enjoyed this funny tale and getting to know Calma was a pleasure....see what you think

Wicked Lovely is a fairy story of the classic sort....meaning it's not Cinderella, but it HAS fair folk in it. Aislinn has always been able to see the fey, watching them trick people, trip them or just hang out looking odd. She hides this ability because her grandmother warned her that if the fey ever find out that she can see them, her life will be in danger. Then she ends up in danger anyway, when the King of Summer decides that she is the long awaited queen he has been searching for and will let nothing stand in his way. Can Aislinn find a way to escape the unwanted attention? Is her sight a blessing or a curse? What happens to a human caught in the middle of a fairy battle? Read it and find out!

Finally is Total Constant Order...which is a story of a girl with it started, how she's dealing (or not) and how it affects the lives of those around her. I didn't love this but it was pretty good.....see what you think.....and blog it back!

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