Wednesday, April 23, 2008

week of april 22

Ok, so much for the weekly posts....trying, but stuff keeps coming up....sigh.....sorry =(

So here goes, and we'll try to start fresh eh? Oh, and if you'd like to post your own reviews or thoughts, please feel free!

Last Dance at the Frosty Queen was an ok's about a boy stuck in a small town and wanting to, a job, he doesn't really care as long as it's away.......he meets (of course) a beautiful stranger who alters his view about his hometown, and also expands his views of the possibilities for his future. Not horrible......not amazing.....try it and see what you think!

Once Upon a Dreadful Time is the conclusion of the series by McKiernan....a series set in faery and loosely based on fairy tales.......this wrapped everything up quite nicely and I enjoyed it as much as the first. Still not happy about all the french words, but I skipped over them quite easily and it didn't affect the tale for me. If you like fantasy with swords and magic and bad witches and good faeries.....this is the series for you....quite thick but worth the effort.

The Crow by Croggon is another very thick book....another very intense high fantasy (high fantasy refers to tales that carefully plot another world and are very involved....magic, saving the world etc). This story is 3rd in the series thus far and gives us a new protagonist, the little brother of the girl who starred in the previous two. Thus, if you haven't read the others, you could definitely read this but it's recommended to start at the beginning as Croggan has constructed quite an intricate world with its own laws and rules. If you love fantasy with meat then try this and the previous two (The Named and The Riddle).

ttfn.....will do more from the conference next week.

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