Thursday, May 22, 2008

week of May 19

Here we go ......I'm just gonna pretend that I'm not a day late and a dollar short as's this week's titles for your amusement:

Something Rotten was a very cool mystery (esp. if I liked it cuz I do NOT usually enjoy mys books!) This one is loosely based around the story of Hamlet, but very modern and contemporary....essentially a kid is stuck in the middle as his friend attempts to solve the mystery of his father's untimely death. Try it and don't let the Shakespeare scare's only obvious if you know the story.

I'm Being Stalked by a Moon Shadow is the story of a young man living in Australia and the product of very hippie parents (they built his house out of sod and dung).....he is very unconventional and very earnest. This is a rather funny story, with a bit of romance and tomfoolery, but still the story of a boy and a girl finding their places apart from their parents.....and the anxiety of having realized that parents are human too....

Finally is Hot Lunch which is the story of a nonconformist at a private school, who inadvertantly sets off a chain of events when she refuses to do a joint project with a "kiss up" student. I loved this book, hilarious with a heart!

tata for now.......see ya @ the lib!

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