Friday, April 24, 2009

April 24 2009

Hey, here's the amazing titles for this week (and they really are amazing....loved'em all)

Undone by Brooke Tayler The main character is best friends with a girl who is always challenging her to be more daring, more outspoken, just more.....and then one day she dies in a terrible accident. She finds a list her friend did for a class, a list of things you wish you'd do someday, and decides to finish the list for her. In the process she learns more about her friend and herself......awesome amazing read......try it!

How to Survive a Horror Movie by Seth Grahame-Smith This is an absolutely hysterical look at horror movies. It explains how to know if you're currently in one, and tricks to survive......definitely not for middle schoolers, but just as definitely a must for horror fans or just plain movie fans.

That's it for this time, keep coming back for more....and if I can figure out how to add book covers to the posts I will. =)

Friday, April 03, 2009

Read the Long Road Home, which is a NF account of a group of men & women serving in Iraq. It was a powerful book that tells of the realities of war. I expected to hate this....but it was so good at bringing me into the lives of these people that I couldn't hate it. If you are looking for something different, something real to read, try it.

And now for something completely different!

Dragon Slippers is a very funny book about a girl who is sent to be eaten by a dragon. She finds out that dragons don't all collect jewels for thier treasures, in fact, each and every dragon collects different things, stained glass windows, shoes, dogs, and many more. Creel (the main character) is a strong willed and intelligent girl who wants to strike out on her own in the big city and make dresses, beautiful dresses. Her friendships with the dragons and the problems of the big city are only the beginning of the story.......this is a humorous story, with characters you learn to love and situations that are played out realistically. I LOVE this book and am now reading the sequel


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