Saturday, May 30, 2009

May 30

I'm gonna talk about a few more books this time, since I missed a couple weeks.....but I can't talk long, have a LOT of work left to make sure Summer Reading goes well! Feel free to leave comments or to talk about your own favs (or books you hate) .....anytime!

Gone by Michael Grant ....a great premise (although it has been done before) where the adults all disappear (technically anyone over age 13) leaving the kids to fend for themselves. I like the horror/scifi twist to this one, but feel it's a bit long......not that I have a problem reading giant sized books, but if they drag, it seems like they could have shortened the book and it might have been better....which is how I feel about this one, not bad, exciting in spots, but toooooo looooong!

Permanence is a very cool book collecting famous and not so famous people with tattoos and having them talk about why they got them, how they feel and more. It's really cool, with color photos of the tattoos and the people. I quite enjoyed this!

Cybermage, Worldweavers bk 3 is supposed to be the final book for this trilogy...but I'm kinda hoping that Alma Alexander does a spin off or something, because I really loved the characters and want more! In this volume, Thea is feeling a little lost All her friends seem to be busy, and (of course) there's a new crisis brewing. This one concerns the white cube they found in the last adventure, and this time Thea needs to open it, and protect it (even from the Federal Bureau of Magic if need be). Thea really explores her talent, faces her fears and of course, saves the day!
If you like fantasy, definitely check out this trilogy (though you will need to read them in order or they won't make sense).

The Last Olympian is the last book in the Percy Jackson series.....and it was AWESOME!!! Definitely lives up to the others, with a fabulous conclusion....and the possibility of a new series left open at the end (keeping my fingers crossed!) If you haven't read the Percy Jackson books, you should...they are unbelievable!

Finally, tried the first volume in the Pendragon series, merchant of death....and it was ok, but not really my cup of tea. Maybe I'm just not in the right spot for it.....or maybe I can't like everything =P

That's it for now, see ya at the library!
Saleena, your friendly neighborhood librarian =)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

titles for week of May 10

Ok, so got some reading done this week and here are my comments on them:

Bloodhound by Tamora Pierce is the sequel to Terrier written several years ago. It was a long wait to see what happened to Beka Cooper, but definitely worth it! This book is Beka's story of her first year as a "Dog" (ie police officer). Beka is a fun character with all the flaws and foibles of a real person, which is why we love her. Thanks Tamora for another wonderful book!

The final Percy Jackson and the Olympians book is out, Last of the Olympians by Rick Riordan is as exciting a ride as its predecessors. Percy Jackson finally finds out what the prophecy is, and the final battle is upon them. This is a fabulous book and I know I for one am hoping to read more books by him.

Lastly I read an awesome NF book(that's nonfiction for all you not in the know). It's called American Shaolin. It's about a guy who's decided he wants to go to China, find the Shaolin temple and learn kung fu from the masters there. He did his research, in that he did speak Mandarin, and he knew basics of Chinese culture. But the story is amazing and his experiences in the 2 years he spent there are entertaining and enlightening.

That's my 2 cents for the week......good luck with exams and the rain
Saleena =)

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