Friday, July 10, 2009

week of 7/6/09

Hey guys, it's been busy and tad bit crazed, so I've slacked off again on writing up books....however, every day is a new day, and I will hope to do better in the future (where's a clone when ya need one?) LOL are two books really quickly that I really enjoyed.

Sophomore Switch -- I thought this book was gonna be typical teen chick lit......(nothing wrong with that, but sometimes a tad predictable).....however, it was GOOD chick lit, an engaging story, interesting secondary characters, even a little romance. So here's the basic premise, a young lady gets a little too inebriated and kisses the wrong fellow.....she ends up on TMZ and every other paparazzi magazine & show as "the evil slut" having now supposedly slept with a major star who was supposed to be in a relationship with an equally beloved star. She agrees to transfer to England to get away from it all. The girl she's trading with is dealing with a broken heart and wants to get away from the man responsible. The story kinda sounds like "The Holiday" and it had some similarities, but was still a fun easy read! So if you're looking for something a little less intimidating to read than Pride & Prejudice...try this!

King of the Screwups -- This was an amazing book! Liam has been kicked out of his house for screwing up once too often. He moves in with his uncle, and begins the process of discovering who he is...not who his father wants him to be. I was worried a bit because as a leading character Liam is sometimes unbelievably sweet, kind, over the top.....but then again, there are people like that in the world, who just end up popular, who just have that "it" factor. I thought the writer did a great job of showing Liam work through his family issues, although I think someone should've smacked the dad at some point (he's really a jerk.......REALLY bad)......I guess that was my only criticism, that the dad should've had some redeeming qualities....but some people are just jerks, and well, that's life. So check out King of the Screwups, funny, sad, and generally awesome!

Willow -- This is a sad but very moving story. Willow was driving the car the night her parents were killed in a tragic accident. She blames herself, when really why did both parents decide to drink enough that they gave the keys to their daughter who only had a permit? Anyway, she's stuck in a terribly dark place, and trying to figure out where her life goes....does she blame herself forever? Can she ever let herself experience the pain w/o losing it completely? Read this book, but be prepared to cry a lot! So good!

That is all for now....see ya @ the library! Saleena =)

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