Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rosie and Skate was a "recommended read" for Garden State Book Awards. I had many people tell me I really should read this sweet and touching I did...and ya know what? They were right. Rosie & Skate live on the NJ Shore and are dealing with their father's alcoholism and incarceration (petty theft to support his drinking) in their own ways. The story alternates between both girls' voices and is an honest portrayal of living with an alcoholic and also of the different ways people cope in situations like that. Definitely a good read, not for young teens, but a good solid read for 9th/10th grade.

I read this about a month ago, and since I'm trying to catch up my blog, I HAD to include AMAZING book. I can't tell the whole story without giving away the ending, but the young girl claims to be a giant killer and is kind of a loner. She finds a friend and through the friendship and the help of a therapist/school counselor she begins to open up. There are a lot of issues this little girl is dealing with, so bring a few tissues....but the art and the story are SO amazing. This is one graphic novel NOT to miss! (I now am obligated to buy a copy for my library collection) =)

I will be posting some more young teen titles as I'm reading in preparation for a school I will be doing a special Garden State Teen Book Award special, talking about the books I've read thus far that are nominated....and I shall do my best to read more of the list as well......I will keep you posted on progress etc....=)

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