Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I love this book for a variety of reasons.....it's funny, it's real and it's one of the few Pakistani lead characters in YA lit.   Nina is smart, but dorky (boy can I identify with that one).  She is also the little sis of a certified genius, which makes school difficult (which, though I am no genius, my younger sister always complained about following me and the expectations that go with).   I also love that Nina has problems with her family, but loves them.  She's not fighting against her Pakistani heritage or her Muslim mores, she's just trying to fit them in with her own view of life (which is what ALL teens do regardless of upbringing or religion).  She's called skunk girl, because she has (to her horror) a stripe of hair going all the way down her back.  Luckily the only one who has seen this is the cute boy she likes.......which is also humiliating (who wants a guy to know how hairy you are?).   Lovelovelove this book.......try it, you might too!

Heist Society goes in the other direction.  Specifically the trouble one has growing up in a family of thieves.....and yes it is meant literally.  Kat wants out of the family profession, but then her father is implicated in the robbery of a "connected man" (yes that means crime lord).  She has to retrieve his art or he will kill her father.  She has only a few weeks.  The art is in a museum that NO ONE has ever tried to rob due to its security.  Suspenseful?  You bet.  Fun ride?  Amazing!  Add a tiny bit of romance (very tame, so appropriate for all audiences) and it's a home run baby!   =)

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