Thursday, April 07, 2011

Happyface is a very quick read, and really really good.  It's supposed to be the journal of a 10th grade guy.  He isn't really sure why it's a journal, it was supposed to be someplace to put his artistic doodles, but then ends up being a place to unload his thoughts, worries and triumphs.  It occurs to me, that I never did see the main characters real name as the whole thing is in first person....hmmm.....but he begins calling himself happyface when he and his mother move to a new "crappy" apartment.  He is hopeful that he can leave his old life behind and begin anew here in his new school.  As a reader you know he's got some secrets, and that he's covering a lot of pain, but you don't find out what until later (and I don't want to ruin it for you).   However, I must say, the illustrations, and handwritten text (while a little tough on my old peepers) really made me feel like I was reading someone's private diary.  All the thoughts of "how do I make the girl I like like me back" and "my parents are so mean" and everything just felt really authentic.  Highly recommend this book, especially for reluctant readers.

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