Thursday, April 28, 2011

This was, in my opinion, both the creepiest and strangest book I didn't "like" but couldn't put down that I have ever read.   It was odd how, with all the killing and such, that I wasn't grossed out, but was kind of like watching an accident don't want to look but can't look away.....that for me was Slice of Cherry.  The story is centered around Fancy and Kit who are the daughters of a serial killer.  They too enjoy a good murder now and then, but worry about getting caught.  So when a magical entity (distantly related to them) offers entry into another dimension, all problems are the girls can kill and hide the bodies effortlessly.   This is a very twisted and strange book and definitely not for everyone, but, as I said, the author was successful at keeping my attention (even when I WANTED to put it down, I couldn't) if you like Dexter (the tv show) and/or other creepy stuff, try this!

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