Thursday, April 07, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ok, so I had an angst filled lunch today.......but read two REALLY amazing books.  First is Guardian (awesome cover don't ya think?)..It is the story of a young man who witnesses a lynching, and worse than witnessing this is the knowledge that the man is innocent of the crime and he knows it.  This short story deeply affected me and I think will do the same for anyone who reads it.  I am adding this to my Middle School booktalk items, but I wouldn't recommend it to young ones (7th or 8th grade, probably leaning toward 8th).....still, a succint and powerful story on a sad portion of our history in the US.

And for the even MORE fun part of lunch I read T4.  This is a VERY quick read as it's in poetry format, yet not an easily digestible book (meaning it is sad to think about).  The main character is a deaf girl from Germany who has to go into hiding due to the T4 agenda of the Nazi party to eliminate or sterilize all disabled people so they didn't corrupt the gene pool.  This short book packs a whollop and also gives author notes if the students want to know where the info came from.

Wow.....I think I need to read a few comedies now.

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