Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This book was not at all what I expected it to be......and was a lot slower to start than I prefer.  That said, I did enjoy this light fantasy.  It is a thoughtful fantasy, and sometimes makes the reader doubt that the spell book even is real (which the author does intentionally).  Incorporating many stories and points of views to tell one story in total is a difficult proposition, but Moriarty does it pretty well.  Yes there were times when I felt "didn't I just read this?" but then seeing it from another point of view did sometimes yield new information....plus she didn't do it often enough to get annoying (ala Melville......I shall NEVER forget Billy Budd, which in my opinion is one of the WORST novels ever, and has a spilled bowl of soup described from a zillion points of view....ugh!  and is one of the reasons I don't tend to like that sort of thing).  So if you're a little older and want a thoughtful novel about a family with just a touch of fantasy (a light sprinking we shall call it)....then try this.

Project 17 is a ghost story in the classic sense.....and I LOVE ghost stories!  So, I was quite excited to begin reading this....and it didn't disappoint (yay!)  Yes, the scenario is classic (teens break into a creepy old building (in this case a mental institution) and spend the night) but the reason it's a classic scenario is that it works!  I could completely see the movie of this in my head, so I wouldn't be surprised to hear someone's bought the rights (though they would probably turn it into a slasher film and ruin it).   Lots of creepy voices, a mysterious girl and the various characters who all have their own reason for being there......gotta love it, and I did  =)

I love Tamora Pierce and have been anxiously awaiting a new novel from her for awhile.  And I was very happy to read this collection of short stories, though I must confess, I am hoping they are teasers for some more longer books later....as some of the stories just left me wanting more.........but, still if you're needing a fix of Tortall and it's neighboring lands, you will enjoy it.....and she also included a few contemporary pieces that were quite good.........as well as a quick teaser of her new Beka Cooper novel coming soon.  Enjoy!

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