Thursday, May 12, 2011

This is a cute and fun fast read.  David Greenberg is a realistically drawn character, and I love that he has a supportive family who love him ( but of course drive him crazy).  Grab this for a fun summer read.

I am quite enjoying Kagawa's books thus far.  It is a tad disconcerting sometimes to remind myself what her version of the fae are like (there are SO many different interpretations) but it's not her fault I'm fae obsessed in my reading of late.  Meghan feels like a real teen who is forced to handle extremely difficult situations.  In this novel she begins by serving her time in the Winter Court with the Unseelie.  Ash is pretending he doesn't care, and her magic isn't working and now someone's gone and stolen the scepter of seasons.  No one believes it's the Iron Fey, and so Meghan must try to find it to avert a war.....all while trying NOT to love Ash as much as she does.
A fine bit of storytelling with a touch of romance.....ahhhh......lovely....

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