Friday, June 24, 2011

Here is my review for After by Amy Efaw:
Before I read this book, I thought that mothers who commited such evil crimes with their babies were either mentally disturbed or just plain evil. End of story. Except it turns out that the decisions that these mothers make are influenced by many outside and internal influences.  
In all honesty, I had a tough time reading this. It made my stomach churn because the thought of a baby left to die in a dumpster just makes me want to puke. Not only that but a few of the scenes where she is remembering the birth are slightly graphic.
The ending of the book was slightly unexpected to me. It seemed to come out of nowhere. In this way, it was actually better than several endings I had been expecting. After is a heartbreaking novel, but it is something that everyone should read to understand how nothing in the world is as simple as it looks. I strongly recommend this book to young readers so they can understand that decisions are never simplistic.

by Deblina Mukherjee

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