Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I discovered the tv series "Bones" early this year (only about 5 seasons behind the curve...sigh) and then found that Reichs writes books that the series is based loosely I read one, and enjoyed it, though it might be awhile before I read a lot more (mysteries not being my fav) when I heard she was writing a book for YA, I was simultaneously excited and worried.  Excited, because I already knew she was a great writer, and worried because, well, let's face it, sometimes when adult writers pen a book for teens they talk down to them or assume that it means they can get away with shoddy writing (sad but true).  I am pleased to report that Virals is Amazing!  It had a nod toward her popular character of Dr. Temperance Brennan with the main character being her niece (and also a budding brilliant scientist); but what it did NOT have was pedantic or patronizing writing or a heavy hand with the character's "teen-ness".   I love the mix of science fiction and mystery, and I love the "never gets old" trick of having the teens being smarter than the adults think they are......and the addition of a genetic altering of their consciousness.....just genius!  I really really liked this book, great pacing, fun mystery lots of suspense and characters that felt real not invented.   I can't wait for the next installment!

The Replacement, first of all, has one of the coolest and creepiest covers ever! (see left)  The main character is a changeling, in the fae sense of it.....he was traded as a young child with a human child.  He is one of the very few to live past the first few weeks, and now that he's a teen, he is desperate to fit in and tries to hide his strange quirks from others.  Then another child disappears and he is put in a position to try and make a difference....should he just keep sliding by or try to change something that has been working for years?  I loved reading creepy, so sad and yet hopeful and romantic......*big sigh*  Definitely give this one a try!

Sweet Venom is one that won't actually be out until this fall, but I got the ARC (Advanced Reader's Copy) and it just sounded fun.....and it was.  Childs has 3 main characters, who are triplets separated at birth and all related to Medusa....yes, THAT Medusa.  They have to save the world from monsters and keep from being killed, all while still trying to figure out how to get along with these relatives they've never met.  I really couldn't put this book down, and I don't know how I'm going to be able to wait for the sequel (cliffhanger But, I highly recommend this to readers who enjoy Percy Jackson and other mythology based fantasies, and the library will definitely be buying it as soon as it's released!

I got this title based on a recommendation from a fellow librarian (Tyler Rousseau).  It's a comic that examines war......and is a great read whether you're looking at a fun look at a made up world, or a deep examination of the futility of war.......and it's a fast read......definitely worth getting and trying.

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