Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Nickel Plated is one of the most amazing books I've read this year.  It's a mystery, it's a suspense....it's got real people and realistic situations.....and Nickel is a kid that I would love to take home and give a real home to (though he probably wouldn't accept).
Nickel is officially either a runaway (or maybe dead?) from the Foster care system.  We find horrible details dribbled out about Nickel's previous homes and also sneaky bits of his past that aren't so horrid.  The basic story is that Nickel is the guy you call when you need something done, whether that something is to see if your husband is cheating, find your missing child or break into your friend's house and get back incriminating pictures.  Nickel is hired to find Arrow's sister Shelby and this task (which he does pro bono as it involves exploited children) leads to a crazy ride to save Shelby and not end up dead himself.  Read this book if you enjoy edgy realness in your mysteries.

Will makes the mistake of mooning the all girl's school down the road and his punishment is to help out with the school musical (which is indeed a punishment for this boy who is desperate to keep his "coolness factor" at the all boys school he attends).  Through the course of his involvement, Will makes some friends, meets a girl and starts to come to terms with the loss of his father.  Though this book is set in Australia, little translation is needed (except for some sports terms, and I just kinda skipped right by them).......this was a really solid realistic fiction book.

Wisdom's Kiss is set many years after Princess Ben but in the same world...in fact Princess Ben appears as Queen Mom Ben and the grandmother of the main character.  The entire story is told through notes and letters to and from major and minor characters, and has lots of humor, a bit of danger and a touch of romance.....all in all a fun story.  Knowledge of Princess Ben isn't really necessary, but does make it all more fun (though I must confess, I loved Princess Ben better than Wisdom's Kiss)

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