Thursday, January 05, 2012

Jason is dealing with a lot right now.  His mom just passed away, and she was the only one keeping his dad on his now, he is solely responsible for his mentally unstable father......and things are falling apart.  Jason has no money for food, clothes or bills and he's desperately afraid his father will hurt someone or himself...but he doesn't want to tell anyone because he feels like it'd be a betrayal of his father.  Then it's taken out of his hands when a few friends from his school support group (which he was placed in by the school for his growing erratic behavior) tell the authorities because they fear for Jason's life.  The whole story is told from Jason's point of view and he has an imaginary audience that he caters to, which helps him distance himself and also feel less alone.
I really enjoyed this realistic view of what it's like to be responsible for a mentally ill parent.  It truly is overwhelming (I speak from experience trust me, I know).  This is an awesome example of realistic fiction.....just grab the tissues, you'll need'em.

Dust and Decay is the continuing story begun in Rot and Ruin. And it's AMAZING!!!  I have to say it's got more sadness and less triumph than the first book, but it reads so realistically and it makes sense with the characters and the situations as they are drawn.......ok.....getting ahead of myself......first I should explain exactly WHAT the book is

Benny and the gang are leaving their small town to find out where the plane they spotted at the end of the last book was going.  They hope to find a place where people are clearing away the zombies and trying to live a somewhat normal life.  Unfortunately, things go wrong from the start and the gang is caught in the middle of a war for the zone they live in as well as the sights of the people who run the Zombie Games......(trust me, NOT good)........what they go through and how they get there is a speedy fast read and simply amazing.....READ.THIS.BOOK!

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