Tuesday, January 10, 2012

When Jace shows up on his brother, Christian's doorstep battered and exhausted; he isn't sure what to expect.  After all, his brother disappeared leaving him and his mother alone with the same dad who was abusing him.....so Jace isn't sure he'll care that the beatings didn't end or that he'll like having his kid brother living with him.
This book follows the struggles of both boys to deal with the legacy of their dysfunctional family.  The reader follows along as both guys learn to not only "deal" but to heal and to grow beyond the abuse and to try and end the cycle.   I liked this.  It's not the best thing I've ever read, nor is it the worst.  The characters read well and the anger and coldness feels read but I just couldn't fall in love the way I wanted to........so Split and I will stay amicable acquaintances.....=)

 Blood Red Road takes place in the world many years after an unknown apocalypse has ended civilization as we know it.  Saba and her twin brother Lugh have never been apart, until he is kidnapped by soldiers.  She vows to get him back, and the journey as well as the separation will change both of them in innumerable ways.  I loved the writing style of Moira Young in this novel.  I also really enjoyed Saba as she struggled to learn her strength, as well as the strength to care and let others care about you.  This is what I call SF lite......you know it is science fiction, but it feels like an adventure.....and it was fun.  Looking forward to another installment......

Bruiser sat on a shelf for quite awhile.  I kept looking at it and thinking, "I should read that" but thinking it was a book about abuse, I kept putting it off......now I wish I hadn't waited.  This is a very subtle science fiction/fantasy tale.  Bruiser (real name Brewster Rawlins) gets involved with Bronte and Tennyson.   Bronte begins dating him because she is intrigued, Ten is against it because he thinks Bruiser is a loser and not worth his sister's time.  As things progress, they both discover that Bruiser has some unique abilities that he's been hiding from the world.....and they get caught up in the use and usefulness of his gift.  I really enjoyed this book, especially as it takes all the viewpoints and shows them as the story progresses so that the reader can really see all sides as the tension mounts.  This wasn't anything like I thought it would be, and another great example of why Shusterman is such a good author.

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