Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lost Boy, Lost Girl is a tale of two children caught in the civil war in Sudan.  Eventually they marry, but the tale unfolds in both voices as they describe the trials and horrors they dealt with on their way to the U.S. and to their happy ending.  An enlightening tale and told in a simple, yet effective style.

I wasn't sure this would be worth it, but the cover was good and let's face it....I have a thing for tales of the Fae.......and this was Trolls!  But not the ugly evil ones, no in this story they are simply different, with allergies to synthetics (food, clothing, etc).  The main character is devastated when she finds out that she was switched at birth, and struggles to adjust to her new life as a Princess.......and of course, there's trouble brewing with an evil band of trolls......all in all, this is a fun story with a new twist on changelings, try it and let me know what you think.

I lovelovelove this story.  It brings together two stories...the first is the family trying to adopt, the second is the girl giving up her child.  As they begin to get acquainted, readers become aware of all of the characters....their fears, their dreams and their flaws.  This story could have played out like a cautionary tale "don't have sex or this could be you" but instead Sara Zarr plays it in a completely new angle....and I adored it.   This was an amazing story, give it a shot!

Girl Meets Boy is a set of stories, told in sets of two.  I really enjoyed the variety of stories told as well as the quality of the stories within the collection.

In this play on the traditional Cinderella story, the main character is a true "non-person" due to her cyborg bodyparts.  When a plague takes one of her stepsisters, her stepmother sells her to the medical community as a test subject.  And that's where the tale takes a right turn.  All in all, Meyer did a good job of building a realistic futuristic setting.  The characters were interesting and though some parts of the tale were a given, it was still fun to see how it played out and how everyone got to where they needed to be.  I quite enjoyed this.

Amal Unbound Book Review by: Raheem Ahmad

Amal Unbound Book Review by: Raheem Ahmad Aisha Saeed’s Amal Unbound is about a girl named Amal who lives in pakistan and goes to school...