Thursday, August 02, 2012

Son of Neptune was EVERY bit as good as the first Heroes of Olympus title "Lost Hero"....and I cannot WAIT to read Mark of Athena!   In this book we rejoin Percy Jackson as he suffers amnesia and goes to the Roman camp.....of course there are adventures a-plenty.....and best of all, in the final showdown, ALL the camps are re-united (though we still aren't sure if it will work or they will kill each other).  Edge of your seat adventure throughout the novel, fun story....just awesome!  Keep it up Rick Riordan!

Lucky Linderman has been living with the Vietnam War his whole life.....what makes this interesting and sad is that he lives in the modern world, but since his grandfather went MIA in Vietnam and was subsequently declared dead (though they never found a body or even went looking for it); his father and his grandmother never lost hope he would return someday.  Lucky has dreams of turning into a war hero and rescuing his grandfather, but his everyday reality is of a distant father, a mother who is escaping through exercise, and being bullied every day at school.  When his mother takes him to his aunt and uncle's house for an extended stay after an argument with his dad, Lucky starts to get a grip on some things he can change.....and some things he doesn't want to. 

I loved this book, though I must say the dream sequences are played out in such a way that you really don't know if Lucky is delusional or just sleep walking.....or maybe he does spiritually travel to find his lost grandfather (who btw gives him great advice).   Either way, the journey of Lucky isn't easy or simple....and there are no pat answers provided for his bullying problem.....but I still finished this satisfied with the story.  Not one to hand to everyone, but definitely one to check out if you like thoughtful, introspective novels.

Why We Broke Up was a 2012 Printz Award Honor Book.....which could mean anything to a picky reader like me...but I wanted to give it a try...and the premise seemed cool:  a girl dumps everything that reminds her of her boyfriend on his front stoop....and has a note explaining why she kept those things and what they signify....and why they broke up.   Unfortunately for me, the man writing this had some very simplistic views on girls in love......and Min Green and Ed Slaterton are so stereotypical it isn't funny (literally).   Min is a movie geeks and punctuates every sentence with references to obscure old movies....which makes it very hard for the average reader....I actually DO like old movies and only understood about 1/3 of those what would an average teen of today think?  Probably skip right over it....but still they must be important right?  Not so much.....they just seem to be there to show how out of the norm Min is...and football jock Ed is so stereotypical it mad me gag.....tough guy with a soft center who (SPOILER ALERT) ends up two-timing Min with a cheerleader (which is why they actually broke up)
I finished this only because I kept hoping it would take a left turn somewhere......kept hoping that Min would stop whining (and WHY is she so obsessed with Ed that she literally keeps EVERYTHING he ever gave her?)   I really don't understand, I'm sure there is some deep literary meaning to this book that I missed, all I got as bored, and frustrated......and angry that I wasted my time reading it.

I had this sitting on my side table for a month......let's face it, it doesn't sound very good...what kind of title is Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight anyway?  Turns out, I read it in only a couple was really really, I feel stupid for judging a book by it's title  =)
This book starts with a girl who's going to her dad's wedding, and misses her flight....she isn't really upset, she doesn't want to go anyway....and then she meets a young man also on his way to England.   Their connection to each other is instant and deep.....and I can't say much else about what happens except that they help each other with family issues once they land.....oh, and that there IS a happy ending......I really enjoyed this, flirty, romantic......perfect summer read!

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