Thursday, November 29, 2012

This is a very odd book......and not in a fun way......the main character is convinced that he was abducted by aliens and the reader is never completely sure whether he is delusional or if this is true.  Even at the end, the question is left open, and I hate that.........I don't really believe that aliens come down to probe humans, but I DO expect a story that clearly defines what is true....the whole idea of a hanging ending doesn't work when we're talking about delusions vs. least not for me.....

Thankfully, THIS title was MUCH better!  Jael is a halfling in a demon/human mix rather than the traditional elven/fae/angel fiction that is popular now.....and she doesn't find out what this truly means until her 16th birthday.  That is when she has to first master her powers, find out about her mother and slay the demons that want to destroy her for having the gall to exist.   Skovron does a marvelous job with this book.  Jael is a strong character and completely believable; the action is smooth and quick and it all adds up to a fast and delightful read......definitely one to grab!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

 This title reminded me of Freak Show by James St. isn't the same book or anything, just the main character is so sure of himself, his strengths and his abilities and also completely unapologetic about not following the crowd. 
The story centers around a boy in high school determined to leave his mark on the world, and he plans to do it through makeup.  He gets a job at Macy's at the makeup counter and the experiences he has there change his whole life.
I found that Carlos' experiences were scary and enlightening and completely amazing....and Bil Wright hits all the right notes.  My only complaint is that I didn't want the story to end....and that I really want to meet Carlos....and have him do my makeup and make me beautiful  =)

Nikki Grimes does another book in poetry format in Planet Middle School.  It's a simple story but aptly done.....Joylin is a jock, and then suddenly puberty hits and not only is she being treated differently, but she WANTS to be different.....if only as it concerns one special boy.  This is a quick, fun, realistic book for middle grades.

Morning Glories is a dark story of teens brought to a boarding school, that is creepy and odd.  They are subjected to terrible things, and neither they (nor the reader) completely understand the point of it all.  The story jumps around a bit, but I think (and hope) that things will be more easily understood as the series continues.

Takio is the story of ordinary kids, exposed to an unknown element in an explosion...resulting in super-powers.  Yes, it's a story we've seen before, but it is sweetly done with two sisters and set in the "regular" world so they bumble along as best they can. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

This title follows Hold Me Closer, Necromancer......and is equally awesome!  I love that the chapter headings are song lyrics.....I love the dry wit of the writer and the protagonist.  I absolutely love that McBride has given me a necromancer with a heart of gold, who literally wouldn't hurt a fly....unless he had to.  I can't wait to see what she comes up with next, and she BETTER be writing another title in the series.....

Oh, yeah, you probably want to know what the book is about...well, ok then.  Sam is a necromancer, as in he can speak to and raise the dead.  He was born with it, it's a rare power, but it's his.  He has "inherited" the estates of Douglas, due to Douglas' death at his hands (it was a kill or be killed sort of thing).  So now Sam, who was an underachiever working at a burger joint, has a mansion, a seat of power, cars and oh yeah, a hot werewolf girlfriend.  Sam is lost and feeling completely out of his depth.  Then the dead Douglas comes back and things get really crazy.

yeah, it's that awesome......plan for some time because you won't be able to put it down......=)  

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hartley is having a heckuva a day.....first she is the last to find out her boyfriend is cheating on her, then when she goes to his house to confront him.....she finds a dead body....of the girl he was cheating with......So, now her (ex)boyfriend is a suspect (and so is she) but Hartley is determined to find out who did the crime (she knows her boyfriend isn't that smart, wait, make that evil).  This was a fun frothy murder mystery that I completely enjoyed.  You will too, try it

This book has the coolest, creepiest cover ever!  I had to read it (call me shallow if you must), and while it wasn't what I thought it would be AT ALL, it was fun.  The gist of the story is that Jacob is trying to determine what happened to his grandfather all those years ago on this small Welsh island (he was sent there when he escaped Poland just before the Nazis).  All his life Jacob thought his grandfather was full of it when he told stories of the people he met on the island, but now he finds that they are all true.
I love how Riggs incorporates the pictures into the story, and the touch of fantastical makes for an intriguing premise to be sure......I know that this won't be a book everyone likes, it's kind of quirky.....but if you LIKE quirky, give it a try

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Astrid loves to sit on her picnic table and send love up to the passengers on the planes flying overhead. She does this because "she doesn't need any love for herself, no one loves her anyway". This heartbreaking look at both a dysfunctional family and a girl struggling with her sexual identity is striking and unforgettable. Astrid is so much like myself and many people I know, passively accepting the negative thoughts others send her as truth. Watching her break through and find herself was heartwrenching and amazing to watch. This is an unforgettable book.

Alex Gregory did a stupid thing. He got drunk and decided to confront his father (which was admittedly dumb) and then he lost control of the car and ran over a lawn gnome on someone's lawn. Now he is stuck with working at a senior center for his community service hours. He is assigned the most grumpy irrascible man ever but somehow, in spite of himself, they start to become friends....and they change each others lives.

I absolutely adored this book. I had heard good things but was turned off by the horrid cover (I admit it, even though I should know better)......but Sonnenblink strikes just the right chord with Alex.......he's like your annoying kid brother who does stupid things but has a good heart. You REALLY need to read'll laugh, you'll cry, you won't want it to end.

Felton went from an awkward geek to a jock almost literally overnight. He got angry in gym class, and ran his fastest in gym and suddenly he's everyone's favorite topic....because suddenly he's "Stupid Fast" it's summer, and even though he's finding himself more popular (working out with the football team, hanging out with them), he's also struggling with other things; like, why is his mom suddenly so angry at him all the time, why is his artistic brother suddenly acting crazy and emo and does he have a chance at all with the beautiful girl who just moved in down the street? Herbach does a bang-up job with this title.

Poor Emma.....her name is Emma Freke....yeah, no one needs to try hard to find a name to call her. She doesn't really fit in anywhere and so when her mom shows her an invitation to the Freke family reunion, she jumps at the chance to meet the side of the family she's never known.

This is a sweet story and fun for the tween crowd.

Finally, got a chance to read Mark of Athena! It started out kind of slow, but once it picked up, it ran like a freight train.......this is the first volume where we see the Greek and Roman camps together. Of course, things get messed up so the group of 7 heroes are on the run from not only the bad guys but also the entire Roman camp.....Some of the characters get more fully fleshed out as they all get to know each other. My only complaint is that I have to wait for the next volume......

I absolutely adore the Iron Fey books, and so I was really happy to see that she has decided to add on to the series. In this though we have left Meghan and now move onto her baby brother Ethan. He is now 17 and trying not to be pulled into faery troubles....but of couse he is......I really liked Ethan as a main character, flawed but strong and willing to admit his shortcomings. I also like how Kagawa uses the time differences to make some really interesting twists in storylines and character issues.

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