Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hartley is having a heckuva a day.....first she is the last to find out her boyfriend is cheating on her, then when she goes to his house to confront him.....she finds a dead body....of the girl he was cheating with......So, now her (ex)boyfriend is a suspect (and so is she) but Hartley is determined to find out who did the crime (she knows her boyfriend isn't that smart, wait, make that evil).  This was a fun frothy murder mystery that I completely enjoyed.  You will too, try it

This book has the coolest, creepiest cover ever!  I had to read it (call me shallow if you must), and while it wasn't what I thought it would be AT ALL, it was fun.  The gist of the story is that Jacob is trying to determine what happened to his grandfather all those years ago on this small Welsh island (he was sent there when he escaped Poland just before the Nazis).  All his life Jacob thought his grandfather was full of it when he told stories of the people he met on the island, but now he finds that they are all true.
I love how Riggs incorporates the pictures into the story, and the touch of fantastical makes for an intriguing premise to be sure......I know that this won't be a book everyone likes, it's kind of quirky.....but if you LIKE quirky, give it a try

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