Thursday, May 09, 2013

This fourth book in the Chronicles of Nick series is definitely picking up steam......last title felt like a place-holder...and now it feels like the adventure is continuing.  Nick is trying to figure out whom he can trust, how to deal with his growing powers and trying to continue life as normally as you can when you know you're fated to be the big bad destroyer who will end the world.  Kenyon does a great job of fleshing out all the characters, so even the minor characters have a purpose...and nothing is too cliche or overdone......I really enjoy her books and this was a good one.

This book had been calling me, not sure I gave it a shot.  I found it quite interesting....the idea of elvish "tree shepherds" who can speak to trees is Ents on a smaller scale.  Keelie is meeting her father for the first time in years.  Her parents have been separated since she was young and she thought her father was a flaky deadbeat dad.....and when her mom dies, she finds out that much of what she knows about herself and her father is a lie.  Now she has to figure out what is happening, and save herself and her father from an evil that is infecting the forest.  This is a simplistic story, but fun......debating on reading the rest of the series; but this would be perfect for middle schoolers who want some magical stories...

Underwater Dogs was a purely fun is exactly what it says it of dogs underwater in all their silly sloppy glory.......a great browsing book with amazing pictures that will make you smile.

Pushing the Limits is a classic high school romantic tale....Noah is the "bad boy" and Echo is the "priviliged good girl" and naturally they fall for each other.  Making the story a bit more unique is that Echo's mom nearly killed her several years ago and she bears the physical and emotional scars of the encounter; although she can't remember any of it.  Noah and Echo help heal each other and themselves......ah, romance!

Etiquette and Espionage just had an intriguing cover on the ARC that I got.....and I decided to dive right in.....I'm so glad I did!  Set in a vaguely steam-punk Victorian era, but with vampires and werewolves and such....the main character Sophronia is a GREAT protagonist.  She is always getting into trouble for not being a "proper" young lady; and thus is sent off to Finishing School...specifically Mademoisells Geraldine's Finishing Academy for Young Ladies of Quality....and when she arrives, she finds that it is an academy for teaching young ladies not only proper etiquette, but (as the title suggests) other fun courses, such as beguiling, spying, weapons and more.  Then she finds a reason to NEED all her wiles that she has been using, as well as a few tricks of her own........I really really enjoyed this, and I can't wait to see the next adventure!

Amal Unbound Book Review by: Raheem Ahmad

Amal Unbound Book Review by: Raheem Ahmad Aisha Saeed’s Amal Unbound is about a girl named Amal who lives in pakistan and goes to school...