Saturday, November 23, 2013


Sick, so running late....but, on a good note; read some good books!

I couldn't resist trying this one.....cover is amazingly creepy and story sounded like a good ghost story (and I love those).  I think that the author did a pretty good job.....she set the story in an abandoned asylum....and interspersed text with random creepy pictures. The storyline is sort of classic horror as well; summer school and university has converted an abandoned asylum into dorms.....creepy mysterious things happen and a few kids go digging into restricted areas (who wouldn't) and find secrets about the institution; which of course tie into a killer......I think my only complaint is that it kind of went textbook on the plot.  Nonetheless, I enjoyed the story.

House of last I found you!  This latest incarnation of Riordan's Percy Jackson adventures doesn't disappoint....except at the end when I have to wait another year or two to find out how it ends (but at least this one isn't a cliffhanger)

If you haven't read these books, GO,  GO NOW!  The movies were terrible, but the books are amazing.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Herbach's character of Felton Reinstein has really hit a chord with me.  I feel like he just needs a hug and a bit of encouragement.....and perhaps I could smack his mom in the head....just a little?  Anyway, in this latest installment Felton is trying to choose which college he wants; but he's so lost amongst all the hullaballoo of sports recruiters and his mother is so focused on her own issues that she doesn't even accompany him on college visits...even when they are across country.....sheesh!   Anyway, Felton's earnestness and his innocence just speak to my mommy instincts......but I think teens would really identify with his confusion and will enjoy watching him grow up as much as I have.

Fangirl is a book that was HIGHLY recommended to me by everyone.....and at first I just wasn't I took another look....and while I still don't think it's as amazing as some of my colleagues; I do understand some of the appeal.  The basic story follows two sisters, twins, through their freshman year of college.....Cath is a fangirl writer and her sister Wren is much more outgoing.  They take divergent paths in college; and you really begin to care what happens to them.......what detracted from the story for me; and perhaps, for others added to the appeal; is all the fangirl fiction she writes.  Rowell includes excerpts from the Simon Snow stories (a sort of cross between Harry Potter and Twilight books) that Cath creates; and they aren't just snippets; but short stories interposed amongst the fictional storyline...and sometimes echoing what is happening in Cath's life.  This makes sense in fan-fiction; but for the reader (at least for me) it was hard to read excerpts from a nonexistent story....and it actually sounded in places like it might be good....which almost made it worse...since neither the series nor the fan-fiction is "real".   So, my suggestion is to try it for yourself and see what you think!  And then, let me know....I'm feeling very much out of the loop lately; what with me not enjoying all the highly touted titles my colleagues say I should.....

I am very late to the party with this one...since it came out in 2010....but what can I say; my "to read" pile is VERY deep and growing ever deeper.

Anyway, the idea is that the main character, Alex, is date raped and at her very exclusive school; rather than getting administration involved the students can appeal to the Mockingbirds...a secret student run organization dedicated to righting wrongs.  Alex is a very realistic character; not sure at first if there has been a crime; and the story really focuses on the belief that "only a yes means yes"...which is something that everyone needs to remind our teens and our adults.....sleeping or passing out isn't assent; it's just asleep or passed out.  So the story is a good one; and the scenarios read true.....give it a shot

I found this book a bit hard to read; but definitely a page turner.  It revolves around a group of girls (and one guy) who all attend dance school together.  When one of them, Diamond, is abducted; the dynamic of the entire group is shattered.  I like that Draper showed the parts of life that don't change when a friend goes missing... and I also like that she didn't delve too deeply into what happens to Diamond...we know it's bad; but we don't see all the details.  This is a real slice of life book; and worth checking out.

Thursday, November 07, 2013


Deanna's life changed forever the night her dad caught her in the back of a car with one of her brother's friends.   He was 17, she was 13; and yet somehow; it was all her her dad's eyes, her peers at school and to her small town in general.  She can't wait to get out of high school and get away from the constant chatter about being a slut....especially since that was the only time she did anything.  Her life is complicated by being in love with her best friend (who is dating her other best friend) and her brother who lives in the basement with his girlfriend and their infant daughter.  Can she find a way to rise above it all?
I love this felt so real and so raw and just sucked me in.  I also liked that Zarr didn't try to make everything neat and tidy; because, let's face is messy.

Boy Nobody never says his name....he is an assassin and he's really good.  He stays that good by not getting involved and following his training....never asking questions just doing what he's told.  When he is sent an unusual job with a 5 day turn-around in NYC; everything changes.  The man he is sent to kill is very high profile; and reminds him of his father; whom he hasn't thought of in ages.  The daughter seems like someone he could care about; and when his emotions get involved.....everything changes.

This is a fast moving thriller with several twists that make it a fun and exciting read.  I kind of hope Zadoff does another one just so I can see what happens next.

The Vindico are the evil supervillains pitted against the League of Heroes.  They had gone into hiding for years; but now they have emerged...and they have taken hostages.  Specifically they have taken young proteges, that they are hoping to turn into the next generation of supervillain.   The teens are enjoying their new powers; but they aren't sure that either group is really out for more than, the line between villain and hero is much blurry than you might think.
This was another fun adventure story.  It will definitely appeal to anyone who enjoys comics and stories in that genre......give it a shot, see what you think!

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