Saturday, November 23, 2013


Sick, so running late....but, on a good note; read some good books!

I couldn't resist trying this one.....cover is amazingly creepy and story sounded like a good ghost story (and I love those).  I think that the author did a pretty good job.....she set the story in an abandoned asylum....and interspersed text with random creepy pictures. The storyline is sort of classic horror as well; summer school and university has converted an abandoned asylum into dorms.....creepy mysterious things happen and a few kids go digging into restricted areas (who wouldn't) and find secrets about the institution; which of course tie into a killer......I think my only complaint is that it kind of went textbook on the plot.  Nonetheless, I enjoyed the story.

House of last I found you!  This latest incarnation of Riordan's Percy Jackson adventures doesn't disappoint....except at the end when I have to wait another year or two to find out how it ends (but at least this one isn't a cliffhanger)

If you haven't read these books, GO,  GO NOW!  The movies were terrible, but the books are amazing.

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