Friday, July 18, 2014


Only have one book to report on this week; working on a few more and actually re-read some books because I needed some "comfort reads"

So here is my lone finished selection:

Panic is a illegal game that the kids in high school came up  and have kept going for years.  It's a game focused on challenging people's worst fears.  There is a high payout (which is the best incentive to play) because everyone contributes $1 a day for the entire exceptions.
Heather never planned to play, but then she was heartbroken over finding out her boyfriend was cheating and jumped in....and then life hands her new incentives to keep playing.....Dodge is playing for revenge.....he wants to pay back those who hurt his sister so many years ago when she played.....but for both of them; playing Panic will change everything, win or lose.

I had heard lots about this book, and finally jumped into reading it; and Oliver does a good job of keeping you engaged with alternating chapters from Heather and Dodge's point of views.  I was really worried about how it all would end as the stakes kept escalating....and then when Oliver found a way to bring a happy ending (of sorts) I felt disappointed......I don't know what I was just all so...."happily ever after".....I felt like it was lie; but I don't know that I would have liked a "and then they all died" ending, you read it, tell me what you think.....=)

Tuesday, July 08, 2014


Now for some teen reads and also my apologies for the long delay....finding time to read has been difficult as has finding time to post)

McCutcheon Daniel's life is rough...he's a junior MMA fighter, which is illegal, so he can't really talk about it; but he trains hard so he can be a champion...and also so he can make money to take care of his little sister.  His dad gets most of the money, which he gambles or drinks away; and it's definitely not fun.  Then a teacher starts pushing him to try for the lottery to a better school.....but can a better school really help him or is he stuck?   This is not a happier ever after story, but it's real and it's hard and it's really good.  I hated the ending; but not because it was bad, but because it made sense but I wanted somehow for M.D. to get a fairy tale ending from his very rough life story.....then again, a fairy tell happily ever after probably would have ruined the whole, read this if you're looking for real-ness......street level grime & grit......and characters that speak to you.

Yes, I read Frozen...but not THAT Frozen.....this one is about a girl who is being brought up by very well-to-do people; but she hasn't spoken a word since being found almost dead in the snow when she was a child.  She doesn't remember much, but when she finds some pictures of her long-dead mother, memories start to come back....and so does her voice......but sometimes when things begin to thaw, bad things come to the surface......and remembering how her mother died, and who her mother was might endanger her not only her future but her life.   This is a historical fiction, which isn't usually my first choice to read; but I really enjoyed it.  I liked all the mysterious clues and also her honesty as she struggles to deal with her past and what she wants from her future.  My only criticism is that the ending was a bit too.....easy.....maybe I'm too cynical though....see what you think

Amal Unbound Book Review by: Raheem Ahmad

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