Friday, July 18, 2014


Only have one book to report on this week; working on a few more and actually re-read some books because I needed some "comfort reads"

So here is my lone finished selection:

Panic is a illegal game that the kids in high school came up  and have kept going for years.  It's a game focused on challenging people's worst fears.  There is a high payout (which is the best incentive to play) because everyone contributes $1 a day for the entire exceptions.
Heather never planned to play, but then she was heartbroken over finding out her boyfriend was cheating and jumped in....and then life hands her new incentives to keep playing.....Dodge is playing for revenge.....he wants to pay back those who hurt his sister so many years ago when she played.....but for both of them; playing Panic will change everything, win or lose.

I had heard lots about this book, and finally jumped into reading it; and Oliver does a good job of keeping you engaged with alternating chapters from Heather and Dodge's point of views.  I was really worried about how it all would end as the stakes kept escalating....and then when Oliver found a way to bring a happy ending (of sorts) I felt disappointed......I don't know what I was just all so...."happily ever after".....I felt like it was lie; but I don't know that I would have liked a "and then they all died" ending, you read it, tell me what you think.....=)

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