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This is the sequel to Anna Dressed in Blood and finds Cas desperate to figure out what happened to Anna after she sacrificed herself to save him & his friends.  When he finds out that she is in Hell, being tortured by Obeahman he is determined to find a way to rescue her.  But doing so will mean going against some very powerful entities....and might cost Cas his life......
Blake has written a worthwhile sequel that is creepy and awesome and ends satisfyingly.  I love the characters and their interactions and am hoping for more adventures of Cas and his friends....but even if I don't get them, I will savor the time I spent with them in these two books.

We Were Liars is a classic example of an unreliable narrator......Cadence isn't intentionally misleading anyone, she genuinely can't remember what happened the summer everything fell apart.  The reader is along for the ride as she tries to untangle the knot that is memory & the things not-said by her well meaning family.  The ending isn't one that I expected but that made me savor the journey even more......definitely read was really, really good.

Scar Boys is the name of the band that Harry is a part the initial stages, we are told that this story is a (rather long) essay to a "faceless admissions guy" about who Harry is.  Along the way we learn about how Harry got his horrible scars, his tortured psyche and also his journey into being healthier and stronger.  I love all the musical references, with the chapter titles being song titles as well as the music being an element that ties everything together.  Technically this is historical fiction as it takes place in the 80s *cringing a bit because I was THERE and it doesn't feel that long ago*  but it doesn't feel historical as much as it feels relevant......really about growing, and pain and heartbreak....and rock and roll......this is a really, really good books that should be enjoyed by more it and pass it along   =)  Saleena

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