Saturday, November 08, 2014

11/8/14 more reviews from Saleena

I was really hopeful for this book, all about a boy who discovers that there is a book that defines who is to be bullied & that he is the "lucky" one.   I thought the book would be about the experience, or perhaps how he fought against it....but instead it was just blah.  Yes, he is bullied, and is fighting to reveal the truth about the book; but the reality is that he isn't handling things well at all; and seems to only want the book so he can pick someone else to take his place....the style it's written in is very informal; but it's first person so we are IN his thoughts as he talks about the book in two tenses....and I never saw the character seem....emotional, except in a "I'll get them back" sort of way.   So, all in all, while I had hoped that this would be a great book about fighting back, little man wins, type of thing; it ended up being more of a not so great book, with characters you just don't care about.   Sad.....=(

I thought THIS book was going to be a saccharine sweet bit of nothing set in the 60s music industry.....instead, I got a romantic yet thoughtful story of the music business, family and a bit of a mystery to solve (with a murder!).   I was very pleasantly surprised at the depth to the book and how much I enjoyed the adventure.   Give this one a try, as I'll be buying it when it releases in Jan.

I, like many others, am a huge NPH fan.  I like how talented he is, how down to earth and his great sense of humor.  Writing his book in the Choose Your Own Adventure style was perfect....and just like those stories...I read it "out of order" or front to back like a regular book.....(I always used to do that, loved figuring out how they got to that ending and seeing all the possibilities).   Yeah, I'm THAT person....haha.....but this bio is fun, insightful and interesting.   I think anyone who is a fan would enjoy reading it.

I love all the Georgia books that Rennison has written, so I was determined to try her new series.  Unfortunately, I didn't love it as much as I'd hoped to.  It has funny moments, and sad ones...and I don't think it's BAD's just not....awesome.  Ah well......I tried.

Now THIS!   THIS is an amazing debut.  This is Chupeco's first book....and it's a horror story.....and it's creepy and deep and twisty and all the things you REALLY want a horror story to be.  It features two different "ghosts" (one is really a demon) both of Japanese origin....and several people (living) who can see them.  Okiko is the main ghost, and the whole story is written from her point of view.  Okiko is a world famous ghost (in real life) and her legend spawned hits like The Ring and other creepy tales from Japan.  She encounters Tark and his odd tattoos that seem to call to her; and she glimpses an odd creature that seems to be attached to them & him.  What the purpose of the tattoos is and how they tie Tark to this creature is what the reader discovers along the way.....what we also see is that Okiko is no longer tied to Japan but goes wherever people threaten or harm children and she wreaks vengeance on them for their crimes.   I can't say more without giving away the whole story, but it's really really good and you need to go read it NOW!


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