Saturday, December 27, 2014

12/27/14 review from Saleena

Out of the Easy is a YA Mystery set in 1950s New Orleans.  Josie is the daughter of a prostitute who is trying to make a better life for herself when she suddenly finds herself in the middle of a murder.  I loved the sassy nature of Josie, she is a flawed character who is doing the best she can.  I am not a huge fan of the traditional mystery story, so this took me awhile to read (combing two of my least favorite types of books:  historical and mystery makes me drag my feet a bit)  but I did think Sepetys did a good job and enjoyed the story.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

12/16/14 from Saleena

This is, as you can see from the cover, not a deep serious book.  It's about three teens who find out that their local meat packing plant has created a zombie viral element, and is ignoring all logic (and laws) and using those tainted cows anyway for human consumption.  This is a fun book, it works logically, and actually highlights the plight of illegal immigrants (as the first whistle blowers to the problems were all deported).   If you want a fun, quick zombie read...this is one for you!

This is a fiction book in a graphic novel format.  The setting is cheerleaders vs the robotics team in a high school.  There isn't enough money for new uniforms for the cheerleaders, unless they take it from the robotics club.  The principal has decided that the student council will decide who gets the money; prompting both groups to insanely compete for the presidency.  When they go too far, it looks like all is lost; until they decide to collaborate and enter a robot deathmatch....if they win, they all get enough for their respective causes; but can they make this unnatural cooperation last?   A fun read with humor and a bit of realism, so I definitely recommend this.

Salt is in poetry format, set in the 1800s and alternates between the voices of a white village boy and a Native American boy from a nearby settlement.  The talk of war (War of 1812) is spreading and is causing tension.  Can two boys remain friends despite being on opposite sides of the war?  I thought the book was very well done, but not an especially exciting read.  This would probably work best in a classroom setting with a teacher explaining things as the reader moves along.

Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton, review by Nina Soukhanovskii

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