Friday, January 30, 2015

reviews & thoughts from Saleena 1/30/15

How to Speak Dog is exactly that, a simple look at behaviors that dogs have with explanations from a Vet on why they do those things, or what they mean.  It's kind of young, but a simple overview that anyone could learn from.

Sex & Violence was DEFINITELY not the book I thought it was going to be.  I am so glad I saw it on the Garden State list to read, and that I grabbed it.  I couldn't stop reading it, just stayed up way too late to see what happened.  The story centers around Evan, who moves around a lot due to his father's job.  He doesn't get serious about anyone, but is very happy to simply "hook up" and move on.  Then, a horrible assault happens to him; and suddenly life is very different.  His dad moves them back to his old home town in Minnesota for the summer, hoping some therapy and small town vibes will do some healing for him. 
I love the realistic way we see Evan struggling through therapy, not sure how it's going to help, but trying.  I also think that Mesrobian did a bang up job of showing some of the additional traumas you can have, and how hard it is to just "get over it".  The links of his familial heritage, and friends he makes just make the book feel real.   This was a powerful read.

45 Pounds has good intentions; with a main character struggling with food issues and self esteem.  Unfortunately, I didn't love the book...I didn't hate it; just felt like the issue of "oh the horrible fatness of me" and the bullying & self hatred that she goes through have been done just felt like BAM!  Message book!
However, the message delivered was good, and it did show that others might have their own issues you don't know all in all, not awful, but not a fun book either.

This is a fun, light, quick look at some "bad girls" through history.  They are brief biographical stories followed by a comic panel featuring the authors talking about the story.  I thought it was cute, not really teen as purported, but fun nonetheless.

 Boxers & Saints are two books that connect; one from the Chinese traditional religions side and one from the Christian side and it's set during the 1800s.  It's a graphic novel, and engrossing to see the fictionalized life stories.

This is another "issue book", this one dealing with bullying.  It was well written, dealing with all angles of things but still, I feel like I was being hit on the head with the "issue" format.

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