Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saleena reviews 7/25/15

Steelheart is the name of a super-being who has taken over the area where David lives.  He has dedicated his life to finding Steelheart's weakness after he kills his father; but super beings are everywhere and they always cause destruction and pain.  He joins a group called The Reckoners, dedicated to killing supers and trying to restore balance to the world, and is hoping that he can finally find a way to exact revenge.
I really loved this book, it was suspenseful, interesting and full of action.  I also love that it is a different twist on the whole "superhero" idea, with these powers corrupting everyone they touch.

Illuminae is a true SF book; ostensibly taken from notes, video files & computers; this book tells of what happened to the survivors of an attack on their planet and then had their genius super-computer go homicidally insane while they were trying to reach safety.  This book made me think of "HAL" the supercomputer gone wrong in 2001: a space odyssey (although that had a lot of boring parts---especially the movie)...but it's an updated, fully realized tale that isn't a copy of that one, but feels like it tips it's hat to the original while going it's own way.  I really loved this book and can't wait to read the next one...and I really, really hope there is a next one.

Through the Woods is a "fairy tale" style graphic novel, taking it down the horror side of the street.  A very quick and interesting read, and given the short story format, you will probably like one or two tales more than others.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Saleena's reviews 7/2/15

Jackaby is a very cool mix of historical mystery and fantasy (I heard a reviewer call it a Doctor Who type mix of history and science fiction...which I think is completely appropriate).  Miss Rook has just arrived in New Fiddleham and is in need of employment when she sees an ad for an assistant.  Jackaby is the investigator, but his specialty is in creatures no one else can see (or at the very least recognize as other than human).  Miss Rook is drawn in and becomes a part of the mystery to solve a series of murders, and she is quite intrigued and suspicious at Mr Jackaby's insistence that fairies & other creatures exist.  I really enjoyed this book, it moved quickly and it was fun to read.

Bandette is a thief and quite a character.  The adventure is set in France, and she must outwit a master thief nemesis and an evil organization set against her.  So fun!

Alpha Goddess is a fantastical retelling of Rama and Sita, a story using Indian gods.  It is set in modern times and Sera is quite shocked to find that the old stories are real, and that she is half god and half demon.  I enjoyed this.  At times I was a bit confused, but maybe it's because I don't know the original story that well.  All in all an interesting book.

Shannon Hale concludes her Princess Academy trilogy with the Forgotten Sisters.  Miri is sent to the swamps to help educate royal cousins no one has heard of.  Things are definitely as they should be, and the kingdom is at the brink of war.  Can Miri figure it out and get home safe?
I love the spunk and fire of Miri, and I love how she calls it like she sees it.  She is a favorite character of mine, and that love continues in this book.  I really loved this adventure and also loved that it showed a slightly darker side to the land than previously seen, as it made it more real for me.  I think it's an amazing series.

Part Time Princesses is a fun silly graphic novel set in an amusement park where all the cool girls play princesses.  As the future of the amusement park is in danger, they coincidentally find their own futures in question and must band together to fix things.  A fun, quick read if you're not looking for anything deep or dangerous.

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