Tuesday, September 29, 2015

post from Saleena 9/29

I vaguely remember the controversy Copeland mentions as happening when she was a teen, but either way, I enjoyed this biography.  She is honest about her influences and her changing opinions on things (especially as she gathered more facts and as she matured).  I find her an interesting person and it is a very interesting memoir.  Even if you don't enjoy or understand dance, you'll find something in here for you...but if you are obsessed with dance (as I am) then you will find LOTS.

Prairie Fire is the followup to Story of Owen, and is every bit as engrossing as the predecessor.  In it, the three main players join the Oil Watch and find that politics and pressure are no joke to deal with.  There is a twist ending which I won't spoil....but once again Johnston catches you in the feels.   I don't honestly know if there will be another book or not; but man do I wish this were a real world...because I so want to go on Youtube and see the entries for all the things mentioned.

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