Tuesday, April 26, 2016

4/26/16 reviews from Saleena

Re-read this book as it was selected for 2016 Popular Paperbacks selections in the Fairy tale genre....this is a twist on the Sleeping Beauty tale, but tied into the Holocaust.  Becca has always heard her grandmother's version of Briar Rose and hadn't thought about why it was so different from everyone else's.  Now that her grandmother has died, still insisting that she IS Briar Rose, Becca is determined to get to the bottom of it.  Digging through old photos and keepsakes, she is lead from a refugee camp in Oswego, NY to Poland....her grandmother never talked about Poland; what could have happened to her there?
This is an amazing and heart wrenching book and I was glad to re-acquaint myself with it. 

Adam Spencer Ross has OCD.  On his first day of group therapy he meets Robyn Plummer (and the other group members too).  Adam falls deeply in love with Robyn almost instantly and is determined to quickly cure himself of this OCD so that he can keep her safe and be the man she deserves.  Unfortunately, life is determined to make that impossible...things are escalating at home with his mother, who has several major issues; none of which he discusses with ANYONE; and his father's new family, including his baby brother also have issues that cause difficulty.  I actually listened to this and it was masterfully done.  Adam is a regular guy trying to be a superhero but getting bogged down by life.....Toten has done an amazing job, I loved the humor, the angst, the "real-ness" of the characters.  Kudos!  Go read this.

Prez is an amusing dystopian comic; where corporations and the internet rule everything.  Beth makes it onto the ballot because she was in an unfortunate viral video and no one liked the candidates that were up for President...then she wins!  Now she's President, with no affiliations, no corporate sponsors....and she's only 19.  Can she actually do this?  Will they let her or will they kill her first?
A humorous yet politically savvy look at where our world is going....definitely gonna read the next one when it comes out.

A comic adventure of the 11th Doctor.  I love Doctor Who, I'll get my fix any way I can....and this was fun.

Olive Silverlock attends Gotham Academy.  It's a boarding school like no other. 
 This title follows Olive and has guest appearances from well known Gotham villains and superheroes.  Olive's mom was actually sent to Arkham, and finding the story of what happened to her mom is one thing Olive is determined to figure out.   I enjoy the lightness of these books thus far, they are definitively teen, and have heroes and villains but it doesn't seem as overwhelming as some of the other titles.   A fresh look at Gotham from an outsider is welcomed and fun for readers.

This is the first of the re-boot story of Black Canary.  I enjoyed it; though some parts of it were confusing if you don't know some of the backstory. 

Miles Morales is the new Spiderman.  Don't worry, he's in an alternate universe so you won't really lose Peter Parker; but in his universe, Parker has died.  He is no relation to Parker, but he got his powers the same way via a bite.  His spider came in when his uncle robbed Osgood Corp though, so he's got a completely different outlook on things.  Also his spider was slightly different so he got a few different powers, like camauflage and a "bite-y" sting.  Miles is only 13 and in this book and those following (I read the first 3); he is discovering how to be a hero as well as honor the Spiderman brand.  I really like him as a character and the storyline thus far is really well done as well.

Deadman Wonderland has been getting a lot of press so I thought I'd check it out.  I'm not sure what to think....it's interesting, certainly.  The central premise is that Deadman Wonderland is a prison that is also an amusement park.  Prisoners are housed there and sometimes die.  The main character is sent there for a crime he didn't commit and as he figures out the rules for his new environment; he begins to find layers of secrecy and evil.  Could he have been deliberately setup?  Why?   This dark tale isn't for everyone but if you like creepy Manga, give it a shot.

Friday, April 08, 2016

reviews by Saleena 4/8/15

Bandette is such a silly, fun character....I enjoyed her second adventure as much as the first.  You have to remember NOT to take the adventures seriously as it is a complete lark; but everyone loves a bit of silly fluff in their reading diet sometimes....and this is perfect.  It's hard to summarize as it's episodic stories but suffice to say, she steals things, gives away things and annoys her enemies.

The Family Romanov is a book that has won tons of awards, so I thought I should, perhaps, read it.  It was very well done.  Explanations of all the major characters, the history of what was happening in the world and in Russia as well as tons of pictures of the family.  The author also included stories from other sources aside from the royal family to provide context and really bring home the differing views that the nobility had from the common people.  I found it a fast and interesting read.

I got way behind on comic storylines and was dying to see what the "Death of the Family" thread was about.  It was definitely dark and creepy (Joker wearing a mask of his own face?  Eww)   Also, a good way to jump back into the Batman stories.

 The Hip Hop Family tree is a Graphic Novel I've been meaning to read for awhile...and it was awesome!  It's basically the history of Hip Hop and the background stories of some of the major players (really a LOT of the major players...as many as they could).  This is a great book with a lot of info.

Stan Lee wrote an autobiography...and in true comic style, he wrote it as a comic/graphic novel.  It's really fun to read, and jam packed with info about his life and the comic industry.  If you like comics, definitely read this book!

This was a heartbreaking graphic novel to read.  The Stoian brings stories of abuse, assault and violence (mostly sexual) as shared with her for her Edinburgh College of Art project.  It really brings to life the heart-wrenching and sometimes just difficult situations women and find sometimes find themselves in.  An important read for anyone, but bring tissues.

The Woods, is the adventures of students' whose school was captured and sent to an alien planet/dimension.  The first book was simply them struggling to come to grips with the whole idea of it.  In this volume some of the characters are tryiing to find a way home, and some are just causing trouble.  I am enjoying the story thus far and can't wait to read the next one.

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